Panettone Mangione also arrives at the ‘Maximo’

In the midst of the crisis and with rising bills, tradition does not stop and the craftsmanship and attention paid to the products is rewarded, keeping tradition and territoriality alive. All products are available at the shop in Via Umberto Lilloni, 62 and are prepared with raw materials whose research in terms of quality is, without fear of exaggerating, ‘obsessive’

Acilia – Panettone Mangione arrives at the ‘Maximo’. In the midst of the crisis and with bills that increase, tradition does not stop and the craftsmanship and attention of the products is rewarded, keeping tradition and territoriality alive


The artisan panettone never ceases to surprise, thanks to continuous research into leavening and raw materials that raise the bar every year. Here is a selection of news from prestigious Italian realities made in Rome. We are pleased declares the fMangione family to participate in the “Panettone Maximo” which returns for its fourth edition, the festival that rewards the best artisan panettone Capital and Lazioscheduled Sunday 4th December at the event space “La Serra” of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The Value of Craftsmanship it is at the heart of the Mangione family that every year celebrate the panettone, an extraordinary artisan product that embodies all the warmth, richness and goodness of the Christmas holidays, Il Forno Spiga D’Oro Bakery is a bakery, a center of sweets and food specialties where, of all the ingredients used to create the delicacies that can be tasted here, one is essential: quality; And in fact all products che can find (the shop is located in Via Umberto Lilloni, 62 in Acilia – Rome) they are prepared with raw materials whose research in terms of quality is, without fear of exaggerating, obsessive.


Because of this Christmas 2022 was prepared a very rich catalogue which comprises: Classic Panettone, Pistachio, Mon Chéri, Nutella, as well as Kinder, Three Chocolatesthat Rocher, with Chocolate, Rum and Raisinsand the Italian one which, as the owner proudly confirms “It was born from the collaboration with some craftsmen and is made with 100% Italian raw materials, which nowadays is not so obvious”. Not least is the Pandoro which goes from that Classic to the Dark Chocolate one. But Christmas and also baskets so how not to be attracted by one of the various types available, di all prices and containing the most varied articles to make the Holidays really tasty.


L’entrepreneurial adventure of the Mangione family It was born thanks to progenitor Alexander who, a baker from the age of 13, in the mid 90s he sets up on his own by opening the business dedicated to bread-making and yeasts; in 2002 there is a first important passage with the son Simon who supports his father, in the corporate and managerial organization, and with the creation of a first laboratory and an expansion of the shop. Five years later there is the entrance, together with an investment fund, in the food&beverage sector at airports (both national and European including London, Vienna and Salzburg) which was followed, in 2012 after the sale of the stake in the fund itself, by a return to the family business; a kind of “continuing bloodline”, as Simone identifies it, however having all that know-how of knowledge about “Functional production processes combining the artisan methodology with that of logic applied to the use of technologies – continues the son of the founder – experimenting and doing those researches that have made us even stronger on the market”. L’assortment of delicacies (they can also be tasted on site) is vast, passing from focaccias to gastronomic products up to bread, and in this period the King of Christmas cakes stands out above all others, i.e. the Panettone, and also the Pandoro, which here at the Spiga D’Oro Bakery is rigorously artisanal, handmade and the result of continuous research of perfection so much so that from year to year, as the restaurant’s slogan states, “Master Baker Alessandro Mangione’s Panettone is getting better and better”.


Butter, vanilla, candied fruit, raisins and eggs, top quality, they are used in the making of panettone “according to Spiga D’Oro Bakery” to which are added the passion, devotion and constancy over time that make the handmade product truly unique. The “mania”as defined by the owner, which is put into the spasmodic search for quality, is also reserved for yeasts (it has always been strictly usedsourdough) which have been the basis of the family business since the beginning. Care and attention that have been found for about ten years now “Even in the great leavened products (panettone and colomba in the annual programmes) to which we dedicate Simon points out. more and more time in terms of research and development, perfecting the recipes every year”; products that “They have been tested since June, going into production at the end of November, thus avoiding being too early, given that our creations are 100% natural”. All the attentions they bring, without the danger of exaggerating, Simon to declare with absolute certainty as his own products are “Excellent in the orbits of excellence” Why “Our product thrives on perseverance, commitment and the will to carry on the same attention that we have always put into it, constantly focusing on business development, organization and growth rather than product awards”.


Panettone Mangione also arrives at the ‘Maximo’