Paco León, Pastora Vega and Valeria Vegas open fire today at the Congress of Love

The Cadena SER Teruel Well-being Congress, which for the eighth year is dedicated to love, will start this Friday at the Marín Theater, with the first two presentations and the concert by Los Solventes as part of the program of free parallel activities.

From today until Sunday at noon, when the Well-being Congress closes, twenty speakers with prominent personalities from cinema, theater, television or literature will parade through the tables of the Marín, during a conference that, thematically, this year will be linked to the role of the woman within the couple.

It is expected that the congressmen will exceed two hundred people, arrivals from points throughout the Spanish geography. Teruel residents who wish to attend the presentations at the Teatro Marín may do so by purchasing a voucher for 50 euros for the three days, or by purchasing separate tickets for each of the days, at 15 euros for Friday and Sunday, and 30 euros for Saturday .

The inaugural presentation of the SER Well-being Congress in Teruel will be one of the most powerful, according to the popularity of its protagonists.

It will take place on the usual stage of the Teatro Marín, starting at 6:30 p.m., when the red carpet is rolled out to welcome the actors Paco León and Pastora Vega, and the journalist, writer and biographer of La Veneno Valeria Vegas. Moderated by the journalist from Teruel Luis Alegre, their conversation will revolve around a Women and family prejudices: stereotypes are conjugated in femininewhere it will be analyzed to what extent the roles within the couple and coexistence within the family are preserved, and to what extent they have been overcome.

Then, starting at 8:30 p.m., it will be the turn of Pere Estupinyà, biochemist, communicator and lecturer who will address the topic of the science of sex.

The first day of the congress will conclude with a concert by Los Solventes, which can be heard at La Fonda del Tozal starting at 00:30.

The program


6:30 p.m. Inaugural presentation. Paco León, Pastora Vega, Valeria Vegas and Luis Alegre. ‘Women and family prejudices. The stereotypes are conjugated in feminine’. marin

8:30 p.m. Pere Estupinya. ‘Science and sex’.

12:30 p.m. Concert The Solvents. Tozal Inn


9.30 a.m. Guided visit to Mora and Rubielos

10 a.m. Javier Aizpiri. ‘Acceptance, understanding and self-love. To love oneself to love’. Free activity at the Marín Theatre.

11 a.m. Juana de Grandes and Gaizka Urresti. ‘For love’. Screening of the film ‘Labordeta, a man without more’. Free activity at the Marín Theatre.

6 p.m. Nuria Labari, Marina Subirats, Juanma López Iturriaga and Benjamin Prado. ‘Money and emotions. The new economic balances of the couple’.

7:30 p.m. Alfonso Barguñó, Mónica Randall, Gonzalo Miró, Anabel Alonso and Iñaki de la Torre. ‘The last taboo: Women and infidelity’

11 p.m. Concert by Mario Lafuente. ‘Ideas and disasters’. Ballroom of the Marin.


10 a.m. Emotion Management Workshop, by Sanatana Dharma. Ballroom of the Marin

11:15 a.m. Cristina Sánchez Andrade, Vanessa Monfort and Eva Cruz. ‘Write in feminine. How to dismantle stereotypes in literature’.

12:30 p.m. Itziar Miranda, Dani Mateo and Eva Cruz. ‘Out of home. Labor conciliation and coexistence’.

Paco León, Pastora Vega and Valeria Vegas open fire today at the Congress of Love