Overseas students in France: an actor from the “Ultra loin” series recounts the blues of remoteness

A large number of young people from overseas come to France every year to pursue their studies. The remoteness imposes an additional adaptation. The “Ultra loin” series humorously addresses several facets of this reality rarely brought to the screen. Gaudéric Maléjac, Thibaut in the series, tells us about his personal experience of this uprooting.

La1ere’s digital series, ultra far, depicts the shared life of eight students and their landlord Guillaume. All have one thing in common: they come from overseas, and are therefore subject to the test of distance. Each with his character and his own cultural baggage experiences the shock of life in France differently.

Gaudéric Maléjac, the actor who plays the role of Thibaut in “Ultra loin”, grew up in Tahiti without being born there, like the character he plays. The actor recognizes that similarities exist between him and his role.

The series is humorous, so my character is more quirky, but I found myself in it.

Gauderic Malejac

Overseas the 1st

Arrived at the age of 15 in France from Polynesia, the change in life was radical. Like many, he experienced a loss of bearings. Schooled in second in a large public high school of 1,000 students in Tahiti, very free, he found himself in a Jesuit high school of 200 students in Marseille. “It was a bit…peculiar.” admits the actor. He erases his accent, is forced to change the way he dresses, quickly understanding that he must resemble the students around him and adapt quickly.

Today, Gaudéric is more comfortable thanks to his theater studies. However, he explains that he misses many Polynesian markers:

The people, the atmosphere, the coconut milk, the family. But the most important thing is the living environment and the atmosphere. In Tahiti, people are very welcoming, there is no formality.

Gauderic Malejic

Overseas the 1st

Here is a bonus excerpt from the essential back-to-school series “Ultra loin”:

Thibaut’s trick against homesickness – extract Ultra loin

©Black Sheep

The series also recounts the tension that arises when you miss major family events. Mallory follows her sister’s delivery on the phone. She suffers from not being with her and her parents to share these intense moments related to a birth.

Extract episode 5

©Black Sheep

Guillaume underlines the difficulty of celebrating Christmas away from his family. Most overseas students cannot afford, given the price of plane tickets, to return for this family celebration, par excellence. Mobility aids only subsidize one round trip per year. What differentiates an Ultramarine from other students is the distance between the place of study and his family. They cannot regularly return to the family cocoon to recharge their batteries.

find the eight episodes of the Ultra Far series.

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Duration : 8 x 20 minutes
Writing : Chloé Léonil and Etienne Chédeville
Achievement : Chloe Leonil
A co-production : Black Sheep Films – Shine Fiction, with the participation of France Télévisions

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Overseas students in France: an actor from the “Ultra loin” series recounts the blues of remoteness – Outre-mer la 1ère