Only the truth counts: this famous actress who participated in the cult TF1 show

For almost five years, the tandem composed of Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine animated Only the truth matters ! Behind the scenes, handsome Sam was leading the contestants into the truth”down the hall“. But before their arrival on the set, a pretty blonde who became a famous actress, prepared them in the dressing rooms.

In 2002 and until 2006, Only the truth matters ! made the heyday of TF1. For almost five years, the duo made up of Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine thrilled France with a concept from Italy. The public thus attends on the set of the program to moving or extremely embarrassing declarations of love, to sometimes stormy family reunionsto vibrant thanks or overwhelming requests for forgiveness.

During the confinement, many sequences of the show circulated on the Internet, and were a hit. According to Laurent Fontaine interviewed by TV 7 daysthey have in all totaled 2.5 billion views worldwide. Enough to make the animators-producers dizzy, who in consultation with Cyril Hanouna and C8 have decided to rebroadcast the best moments of the show in order to see if the show could still”take” on television. A way to test the interest of the public before perhaps considering new programs.

People never forgot her

One thing is sure, Sam who left the world of television, would not be part of the adventure. The pretty blonde hostess who reassured the participants backstage, would be rather willing… Rebecca Hampton, who became famous thanks to More beautiful life, moreover willingly considers it. Asked about a possible return of Only the truth matters, Rebecca Hampton immediately said: “I think there’s a lot of people who hope, it would make me super happy, yeah“. The actress explained that the public had never forgotten her, and still talk to her about it”often“.

It’s funny because I was recently sent an excerpt from a show, I saw my face in 2002, I said to myself ‘I’ve had a bad time’ (…) I was younger, it’s like that“, she confided before revealing which, however, made her feel uncomfortable on the show.Just a little thing that bothered me: I knew why I was going to look for people and in fact it put me in a complicated position. When people told me ‘if it’s my father, I’m not coming‘ and I knew it was the father so I asked the team not to warn me at least the time of the invitations, which they accepted and suddenly it went really well”. The actress also revealed that she has fond memories of the hosts who supported her in her desire to fly with her own wings, outside the walls of Only the truth matters :When I passed the cast for More beautiful lifethe two were the first to tell me ‘you are an actress go ahead! Leave and come back if you want‘, but hey, it’s been 16 years, so I haven’t been back”. Who knows ?

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