Olivier Gayat (large families) succumbs to surgery: this part of the body that he changed!

For some years now, the Gayat clan has succeeded in make themselves known thanks to their appearance on TV. Glimpsed in Tellement Vrai, they also joined the new TF1 program “Large Families”.

“A dream that was close to my heart”

Large Families fans have been following the adventures of the Gayat family for a while now. Much appreciated by fans, the latter is very often found at the heart of the buzz. Sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Indeed, Olivier Gayat (Large Families) made a bad buzz a few months ago because of his infidelity. Despite everything, Soukdavone decided to forgive his husband and both keep moving forward.

Currently, the parents are in Turkey for a special reason. Indeed, Olivier Gayat has decided to go on the surgery table. He wants to redo a part of his body. And will go for a big physical change.

Indeed, the dad wants to give himself a new smile. In Story of his Instagram account, he also shared several stories in a clinic. He also promised his fans that he would tell them more about this surgery.

The candidate of Large Families confided: “I will let you know as soon as I return to France of my experience in Turkey. A dream that was close to my heart, redo my teeth.

He continued: “And finally be able have a smile as I wish. I’ll let you know about all of this tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to share some short videos of my day yesterday..

Olivier Gayat (Large families) will change his smile

Soukdavone (Large Families) also shared several posts about this meeting. She also showed her fans that she had taken a French translator. Indeed, the couple wants to be sure they will understand everything.

At first, Olivier Gayat (Large Families) revealed an x-ray of his teeth. He also explained to his fans that he would give more details about this cosmetic surgery procedure.

For the moment, he did not wish to say more on the subject. But it may well be that the tongues loosen finally this Thursday, September 15. Indeed, the dad announced that he would speak to his subscribers this evening.

Some wonder what he will be able to tell them. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few hours before knowing more about this surgery. A few days ago, the Gayat family (large families) took the floor for another subject.

Jade bullied at school

Soukdavone (Large Families) confided on his social networks: “My daughter (note: Jade) is attacked at school. She gets bullied by two young girls […]. We really want it to stop.”.

The big sister also added: “Because bullying at school shouldn’t exist. Frankly, we will do everything to make it work. Because that’s really going a long way.”.

The mom of Large Families continued: “We will try to go to the meeting the mother of the young girls. Because since she does not want to come to the convocations and appointments of the director “.

For her part, Jade’s big sister, Oliviasaid : “Well, I’m a little upset because we learned from a friend of Nolane’s that Jade was beaten up at school yesterday by two girls (…) who are in the same establishment”.

Olivier Gayat (large families) succumbs to surgery: this part of the body that he changed!