Netflix: Premieres today Wednesday, September 21, 2022 on Netflix

In the middle of the week, seven premieres arrive on the platform streamingNetflix, if you have the opportunity to watch one today after your daily activities, here are the suggestions of movies and series that premiere on Netflix.

Wanna Marchi: Italy’s telecon artist. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Wanna Marchi: Italy’s telecon artist

It is a four-episode true crime documentary series. which, through endless pop culture references, explores the known and unknown aspects of Wanna Marchi and a unique moment in the history of Italian television.

Bling Ring: The True Story of Hollywood Robberies. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Bling Ring: The True Story of Hollywood Robberies

First came the reality showthen came the Hollywood movie, but the truth about the robberies of the Bling Ring was never told. Ten years after the famous robberies, the culprits served their sentence and dare to tell the true story of the raids on houses in Hollywood Hills that fascinated the United States through this three-episode mini-series.

Designing Miami. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Designing Miami

It’s a reality show of eight episodes of the most famous designers in Miami, who in addition to being rivals are husband and wife. Eilyn and Ray Jimenez shine in South Florida with their own style: She with a minimalist aesthetic and he with a maximalist touch. Taking care of the needs of their wealthy clients, the young professionals on their design team, their families and their marital relationship is not easy, but this talented couple manages to do it with the perfect dose of good taste and a sense of humor.

Iron Chef: Mexico. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Iron Chef: Mexico

In this competition, rising talents face off against three of the best chefs in Mexico to win the mythical katana and the title of Legendary Chef.. The legendary culinary competition that began in Japan and became a worldwide phenomenon, will be experienced for the first time in Spanish and with a very Mexican touch. The best chefs in the country will go head-to-head in the kitchen stadium against the resident Iron Chefs in a duel against the clock over a secret ingredient. The series is based on the original Fuji Television Network format.

Just for love. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Just for love

It is a six-episode drama and romance series, set in Goiás, Brazil, in which From USA Y Tadeu they are very much in love and decide to make their biggest dream come true: to form a band, which they call Só Se For Por Amor. But as soon as they start reaping successes, From USA receives a proposal to start a solo career. As the two go their separate ways, their relationship becomes rocky and the band begins to search for a new lead vocalist. It is then that the mysterious Eve enters to scene. With Lucy Alves, Filipe Braganza and Agnes Nunes.

Dahmer, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

Dahmer, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

It is a 10-episode horror, mystery and drama series that takes place between 1978 and 1991, when Jeffrey Dahmer brutally ended the lives of 17 innocents. The series shows these inconceivable crimes and focuses on the victims, the communities affected by systemic racism and the institutional failures that allowed one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his murder spree with impunity for more than a decade.

the perfumer. SPECIAL/NETFLIX.

the perfumer

It is a film in which, in order to keep the man she thinks she loves, a detective who has lost her sense of smell steals an essence from a perfumer. madman who murders girls to create the perfect fragrance. Later, she joins forces with him to regain the ability to process odors.



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Netflix: Premieres today Wednesday, September 21, 2022 on Netflix