“My biggest fear”: Francesco Facchinetti at “Today is another day”

Overwhelming, never predictable and gifted with incredible intuition: Francesco Facchinetti, after a brief spell as a singer, he reinvented himself giving life to a show character active in a thousand different fields, facing challenges such as the conduct of TV programs and the world of scouting (in fact, it is he who is hiding behind some of the most appreciated talents of recent years). Guest to Today is another dayhas decided to tell about himself in all its nuances, revealing the frailties that afflict him.

Francesco Facchinetti, his greatest fear

Son of a great artist, raised with Pooh music in his blood, Francesco Facchinetti he never gave way to the fear of not being able to match his father’s success. On the contrary: departing from his own sphere, he has been able to pursue a career that has given him so much satisfaction. Time ago active as a talent scout, over the years he has come across faces that have given a lot to the entertainment world. There are two names that Serena Bortone, interviewing him, wanted to remember: Irama and Fedez.

Very attached to both, Facchinetti wanted share his thoughts on Fedez: “He is a person you want to protect and embrace, because you realize that, to get to tell and write certain things, you have to be full of fragility”. And on the matter, he wanted to reveal what his fears about him are: “I too have weaknesses. I am a person who hardly tells what he feels, I can’t open up completely. And I can never stop for a moment. My biggest fear is to stop. I’m afraid of what could happen, of the abyss ”.

Francesco Facchinetti, his splendid extended family

After dealing with such an intimate and painful topic, Francesco Facchinetti is smiling again watching scroll through the best pictures of his family. Lost in love with his three children (the first had by Marcuzzi and the other two born from the relationship with Wilma Faissol), he was moved to talk about them. “When I conceived that their good is a horizontal good that will last forever, this surprised me. I have tattooed ‘Nothing last forever’, in my head I know that nothing lasts forever. But for the first time I realized that no, there is something that will last forever ”.

Hers has always been the perfect example of an extended family, where the disagreements (which surely there will certainly have been) have never taken away space for an infinite affection, even after love had already died out. And it is precisely this wonderful affection that has allowed Francesco and Alessia Marcuzzi to stay in excellent relationshipsso much so that they do not miss an opportunity to spend time together, obviously accompanied by their respective partners.

Furthermore, Facchinetti has always been with his children a father present and ready to get involved. Perhaps also to distance himself a little from what was his childhood, wonderful but still devoid of something. “My father is an artist and he gave his life for that profession. So he showed me his love for him in a different way “- he said -” I am more pragmatic, I try to share with my children as much as possible, I try to take the time to be with them and to give them that physical affection that my father never gave me ”.

“My biggest fear”: Francesco Facchinetti at “Today is another day”