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For years engaged in cultural projects for fragile audiences, the Fondazione Musei Senesi also participates in the World Alzheimer’s Month culminating in the 21 September on World Alzheimer’s Day proposing four free appointments in museums of Siena and the territory dedicated to people living with dementia and their care givers.

The activities and programs proposed by the Sienese museums are designed and conducted by museum educators in collaboration with professionals with expertise in geriatric and dementia care. Over the years, all operators have participated in training courses and exchange of experiences at the local and international level promoted by Tuscan Museums for Alzheimer’sa formalized system in which the Fondazione Musei Senesi also participates and to which other museums throughout the Tuscan territory adhere.

All programs include active meetings, intense and significant with the museum heritage, through the observation of works of art, archaeological finds, scientific objects, or through participation in creative activities, to stimulate cultural participation and the well-being of the person. The activities proposed by the Sienese museums have no therapeutic purpose, but help to preserve the mental health of those living in a condition of dementia, to keep active and connected to the life of the community. Today more than ever, in fact, museums cannot limit themselves to taking care of their collections. They have a social responsibility of inclusion and comparison and must transform themselves into neutral and friendly spaces that stimulate dialogue and the human growth of those who visit them, frequent them, live in them, make them alive.

In recent years, museums have proposed a program of meetings, “Emotions at the museum”, carried out in collaboration with the residences of the ASP City of Siena or other day centers in the province: on this occasion, these initiatives also intend to open up to those living in the family and further developments with the support of local health facilities.

“Once again, the Sienese Museums Foundation confirms its commitment to greater inclusiveness and accessibility of museums – says Elisa Bruttini, director of FMS. “Museums that must be common good for all residents and their families and to promote the development and physical and emotional well-being of the community ”.

All activities are free and by reservation. For more information on the project:



Participation in the activities proposed by the Sienese Museums it’s free; the initiatives will be carried out only upon reaching a minimum number of four participants. Reservations are required at least two days before the event, by contacting the addresses indicated for each activity.

· Wednesday 21 September 10-11.30: Buonconvento, Museo della Mezzadria

“Freely – Open to the other” – Scent of bread
The project aims to promote opportunities for social gathering for the elderly and their caregivers by choosing one of the main foods on the tables of our farmers as the guiding thread of the meetings: the bread. Thanks to the talking totems, objects and oral testimonies, collected and preserved at the Museum of Sharecropping and useful for activating multisensory stimuli, the elderly and their caregivers will be accompanied on a journey discovering sounds, smells and tales related to working in the fields and wheat and they will then be able to investigate various types of cereals and flours with their hands, kneading their own sandwich and rediscovering its scent in the warm and familiar environment of the farm kitchen.

Info and reservations: tel: 320 7874422; e-mail:

· Thursday 29 September 10 – 11.30: Siena, Botanical Garden and Herbarium (SIMUS)

Flowers, colors and scents: who are they?
Meeting in the museum to discover plant collections (plants, leaves, seeds, trunks, essences) in collaboration with museum educators and geriatric educators.

Info and reservations: tel: 0577 232075; e-mail:

· Thursday 6 October 10 – 11.30: Siena, Rooms of Memory: Museum itinerary of the history of the Sienese twentieth century

Flight of images:

The business is built around the photography and to music. The blow-ups relating to the various periods of the history of the last century are one of the main elements of the museum layout. They are therefore used as a document on which to support emotions, sensations, splinters of any memories and solicitation of the story, not necessarily of one’s own experience. The photo as a work of art, as an opening to the elaboration of reality and fantasy, music as a facilitating tool for language and creativity.

Info and reservations: tel: 0577 892038; e-mail:

· Saturday 15 October 10.30 – 12.00: Murlo: Antiquarium of Poggio Civitate Archaeological Museum

Narrative gazes: narrating the museum with other eyes
During the meeting, themes related to the daily life of the Etruscans will be addressed through the direct observation of finds depicting scenes from the life of an Etruscan aristocratic family. The objects will therefore also be presented through thetactile exploration of reproductions to allow multisensory – non-verbal activities that stimulate the senses.

Info and reservations: tel: 0577 814099 – 377 1833672; e-mail:

Museums and Alzheimer’s: Fondazione Musei Senesi proposes a series of appointments between care and culture | RadioSienaTv