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The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, a historic event that was witnessed by 35 people and was directed by the Lumière brothers. In the new millennium, far away from that time, the way of making and watching movies has been totally transformed, proof of this is Netflix.

In comparison, now it is not necessary to go to a square or to the cinema to enjoy the moviesbecause with the advancement of technology and the arrival of streaming platforms there have been many advantages that movie lovers have obtained, like the fact of enjoying diverse plots and genres within reach of a click And no need to wonder how to download a video from Facebook.

Currently there are not only 500 one-minute movies available, as in those days, but Netflix and its competitors have a extensive catalog of productions, so the dilemma now is which titles to watch.

However, in this wave of novelties there are films that have managed to stand out and position themselves in the public’s taste. Then we leave you the list of the most popular of Netflix Spain.

1. No Limit

A DGSE agent is diagnosed with an incurable disease. But far from removing him from service, he is contacted by the secret services who offer him a deal: an experimental medical treatment in exchange for carrying out missions. Libérati accepts the offer from this mysterious secret government organization called Hydra. In addition, he will thus be able to be closer to his daughter Lola, a temperamental 15-year-old teenager, his ex-wife Alexandra and his sister Juliette, a police officer in the homicide department.

two. revenge now

Popular Drea wants revenge on her boyfriend for leaking her sex tape, and transfer student Eleanor is haunted by a rumor. After an unexpected encounter, the two decide to help each other seeking revenge on each other’s harassers.

3. End of the road

Brenda has just become a widower and, after losing her job, she moves with her family to the other side of the country to start a new life. In the New Mexico desert, deprived of all help, they must learn to defend themselves when they become the target of a mysterious assassin.

Four. He passed through here

A graffiti artist targeting the homes of the elite discovers a twisted secret in a hidden basement and unleashes events that endanger those he loves.

5. how to train your dragon 3

What began as the unexpected friendship between a young Viking and a fearsome dragon, Night Fury, has become an epic trilogy that has spanned their lives. In this new installment, Hiccup and Toothless will finally discover their true destiny: for one, to govern Isla Mema together with Astrid; for the other, to be the leader of his species. But along the way, they must test the bonds that bind them, facing the greatest threat they have ever faced… and the appearance of a female Night Fury.

6. The International: Shadow Money

Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) and Manhattan district agent Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) are determined to take to court one of the most powerful banks in the world, whose misdeeds include money laundering. , arms trafficking and harassment of the political class. The investigations take them from New York to Istanbul, passing through Berlin and Milan. The more they investigate, the more their lives are in danger.

7. the village of love

A young woman takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy after a breakup, only to discover that the villa she booked is double-booked and she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical Brit.

8. the catholic school

In a residential neighborhood in Rome there is a well-known Catholic school where the children of the upper middle class are educated. Families feel that in such an environment their children will be able to grow up protected from the turmoil that pervades society and that a strict education will open the doors to a bright future. On the night of September 29-30, 1975, that fortress of irreproachable values ​​collapsed under the weight of one of the most heinous crimes of the time: the Circeo massacre.

9. happy day of your death 2

Two years after the events of the first film, Tree Gelbman re-enters the time loop to discover why she agreed to it in the first place. He must also face Lori, who after being resurrected because of the buble has come back thirsty for revenge. Sequel to “Happy Death Day” (2017).

10. adult love

A couple seems to be living a perfect life after their son is declared healthy after a prolonged illness.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, and they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

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Netflix in the war for streaming

Due to its series and movies, Netflix has become the king of streaming. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Netflix has become the most important streaming platform in recent years and its success has led most entertainment companies to promote their own platforms, such as Disney+ and HBO, among others.

Though started as a company that offered DVD rental services through postal mail, it was in 2011 when the company started operations outside the United States and Canada, by offering its catalog via streaming in Latin America and the Caribbean. A year later it would also reach some European countries and later Asia.

In 2011 the company ventured to start with the production of its own content that started with the successful series house of cardswhich led her to create her studio in 2016. By 2018 it would be defined as a global internet television network.

Previously, on January 16, 2014, one of the most important moments arrived for Netflix: be nominated for an Oscar for the first time in its history with the documentary The Square.

Its catalog includes films that have won an Academy Award, multi-award-winning and viral series such as Squid Gameor important products in Spanish such as The Money Heist Y Elite.

According to the latest information released by the firm itself, after reaching glory figures during the pandemic, it was announced that in the first quarter of 2022 it lost 200 thousand subscribers, the strongest blow the company has received in 11 years. Some causes of this collapse are the sharing of passwords and the growing competition.

However, that’s not all, as the streaming company projects that it will lose two million accounts in the second quarter of 2022, so this year is expected to be the worst in its history.

The major streaming companies compete to be number one. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

How to make a Netflix party or Teleparty?

netflix partyalso know as telepartyhas become one of the most popular applications that has given the streaming platform a plus, as it has allowed users to see the same content at the same time with friends, partner or family even if they are not in the same space.

Created as a Google extension, this tool mixes the ability to stream simultaneously with a tray of text messages where participants can exchange their thoughts in real time.

Although this tool has not been developed as such by Netflix, it is enough go to Teleparty page and install google chrome extension. Once installed, you must open the account, play what you want to see and click on the Netflix Party (NP) icon that will turn red and then give the “start party” option that will provide a link that can be shared with more people to join.


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