More beautiful life: an actor clashes the replacement program!

After the end of Plus belle la vie, Open Kitchen replaces the series on the same time slot. An actor tackled the show!

Since the Plus belle la vie series ended, Open Kitchen replaced it on the same time slot. But the audiences of the show are not very good. This is what amuses an actor of the soap opera! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The sad end of Plus belle la vie

It’s not easy to bid farewell to Plus belle la vie! Laurent Kérusoré will therefore be able to testify to this. He had a hard time to leave the series that made him evolve. He has giftc cried while making a beautiful tribute to the series :

“Forever the first. No word to describe what I feel today… only one comes to mind… Plus belle la vie is therefore our love story…” It is therefore on November 18 that the fans bid farewell to the sheetnot.

There is also the final bonus named Seven Weddings for a Funeral. It lasted 1h40. And once again, the emotion is indeed present. So much so that France TV lost his words on Twitter : “Thank you More beautiful life. To all actresses and comedians. Your talent has made the immense success of the soap opera”.

This Monday, November 21, fans of Plus belle la vie discovered a brand new program. It is then Open kitchen with Mory Sacko. But unfortunately, the show has poor ratings.

This saddens the fans of Plus belle la vie who saw their series end suddenlynt because of audience concerns.

A program that starts badly

The anger is real on Twitter: “I still find that these 850,000 people are too many. I hope for a flop for a very long time”, “ Delphine Ernotte you have killed Plus belle la vie, it is up to the viewers to kill this box”.

Or :Who is watching France 3 now ? Old ! There is nothing more family on this channel! Make life more beautiful for us.

But Internet users are not the only ones to mock Open Kitchen audiencese. Actor Thierry Ragueneau took the opportunity to tackle the show. The one who played François in the series therefore declared:

“Okay, it was a little difficult last night. It is sure that it does not make many people and nevertheless, it is strange since a show of cooking, it is rather new on television. There aren’t manyp. Finally, there it is… “

Before adding: A cooking show in rebroadcast instead of Plus belle la vie and which is also broadcast on Saturdays. Especially since there are a lot of programs like that, France 3 will feel in the audiences the fact of having removed Plus belle la vie ”.

So it’s a blow for open kitchen! But we hope that audiences will explode very quickly!

More beautiful life: an actor clashes the replacement program!