Michel Drucker is 80 years old: why a phone call almost ruined his career

Michel Drucker celebrates his 80th birthday this Monday, September 12, 2022. Did you know that a phone call almost ruined his career? There was an ad from the 80s that said “happiness is as easy as a phone call”. There it is rather the misfortune which could have been as simple as a phone call for Michel Drucker.

It takes place in November 1964. He is 22 years old and has just made his television debut in a sports program, Sports Dimanche, for which he is a trainee. It’s the year of the Beijing Olympics, the editorial team is overwhelmed and so we give the new kid a chore: go to the airport to interview our Paralympic Games medalists. Including the fencer Serge Bec. And Michael Drucker started his career with a little dumpling…

And it is this small mistake that will trigger the famous phone call? Not the entire report. That day, the father of Michel Drucker, Abraham, doctor in Vire in Calvados, is in front of his small screen. And there he falls from above, you can imagine, discovering his son on the air. He didn’t know? Let’s say that between the two, relations are icy.

Take it off the air, you’re headed for disaster

Abraham Drucker

Michel Drucker’s father dreamed of his son being a doctor, but given how hypochondriac he is, not sure that would have been a good idea… Moreover, Michel sucks in class, unlike his two brothers, Jacques and Jean, the founder of M6. The family ugly duckling ends up getting out of his home, he goes to Paris and for years gives no more news.

It is therefore through television that his father ends up having it. Imagine his surprise. And there, he takes his phone to call the sports boss who put Michel on the air. And then he said to her: “Hello I am Mr. Drucker, the father of this unconscious. He doesn’t have a diploma, he’s anxious, he has an approximate syntax, he has no culture. And he bites his nails! Take it off the air, you’ll be heading for disaster.”

Fortunately for his patients, Dr. Drucker was better at diagnosis than prediction. And fortunately for the public, the boss kept Michel who is still there 58 years later. She’s our own Queen of England but healthier. Happy birthday if you listen to us Michel! 80 years old or rather 11 and a half years of dog age!

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Michel Drucker is 80 years old: why a phone call almost ruined his career