Maurizio Lupi: «Our ideas for the family. We do not fear the Third Pole, with their risk of being ungovernable “

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The leader of Noi moderati on the «Corriere Tv»: «The taxman supports VAT numbers and families. Read in Berlin should have asked Scholz for Germany’s no to the gas price ceiling “

Don’t you see the risk that the moderates in the center-right coalition will end up being marginal while the Third Pole is a candidate to represent them?
“I answer immediately because it is the main objection they make to us – replies Maurizio Lupi, at the head of Noi moderati, the list that includes Giovanni Toti, Luigi Brugnaro and the UDC to the microphones of Courier TVthe format conducted by the deputy director of Corriere della Sera
Venanzio Postiglione hosting readers’ questions to political leaders -. And I answer sharply: no. Why vote Calenda and Renzi it means voting for ungovernability, choosing a third party, Mario Draghi, who has already said he does not want to govern. Voting us instead means expressing a preference for a clear political proposal in which the person is the protagonist and the state is at the service of the citizen. School, family and work are the pillars. We have these values, we start from our identity, with our political history which is different from that of Renzi, former secretary of the Democratic Party and Carlo Calenda, elected to the Democratic Party in the European Parliament “.

What responds to the fears of those who believe that a possible victory of the center-right coalition risks causing Italy to move into the European chessboard by aligning ourselves with Orbán’s positions. Yesterday, the president of the SPD, Lars Klingbeil, the ruling party in Germany, made it clear that if “Meloni, as a post-fascist, would lead Italy in the wrong direction”, he won?
“I immediately reply, reminding you that on 31 August the president of the EPP, the majority party relative to the European Parliament, Manfred Weber met Noi moderati in Rome, bringing the party’s support to the center-right moderates and the coalition. An important push and the confirmation that in Europe, there is no concern for the outcome of the elections in Italy. Not only that, Weber said “we are here to try to convince the Italians to vote for the moderate forces and the center-right for the future”; words evidently escaped from Enrico Lettawhich after meeting the German president Olaf Scholz and Lars Klingbeil, both SPD leaders, raised the neo-fascist alarm in Europe, continuing to spread a negative, false and distorted image of Italy. It would have been better to put aside the electoral campaign and to ask Scholz to account for his opposition to the European gas price ceiling. An opposition that costs our country billions and is paid for by families and businesses ”.

What are your proposals for young people?
«The problem of a young person today, allow me, is not to give him a dowry at 18, but to allow him to attend an efficient school, which transmits the skills that are needed. A school where technical institutes have equal dignity as high schools, that there is a true alliance between school and work. I grew up in the Baggio area of ​​Milan (a popular neighborhood, ed), my parents were workers, migrants in the 1950s. But in that Italy I had the opportunity to make it. We must recreate the conditions to restart the social elevator. Young people need examples. Let’s give them a sign, let’s discuss the programs without invoking bogeys if the center-right will win ».

Offer the flat tax. Does it seem sustainable for public finances and socially redistributive?
“We have to reduce the tax burden. We therefore want to raise the ceiling from 65 thousand to 100 thousand for a reduced rate for VAT and professionals. Tax leverage is essential. We propose that all education expenses, from books to rucksacks, be fully deductible. Because a child cannot be a tax. It is also an investment for the state. Instead of earmarking 400 million for scooters, for this sustainable mobility, it is better to direct them to families and to study ».

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Il Corriere has a newsletter dedicated to the elections: it’s called Political Diary, it’s free, and you can sign up here

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Maurizio Lupi: «Our ideas for the family. We do not fear the Third Pole, with their risk of being ungovernable ”