Matías Prats, all about the journalist’s life

    Matías Prats Luque was born on November 14, 1950 in Madrid. He is one of the most recognized faces in our country since he is the presenter of the weekend news on Antena 3 along with his partner Mónica Carrillo. But Matías Prats, has a great career path.

    At 18, Matías was clear: he wanted to be a journalist, and for this reason, he began journalism and law at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid. His beginnings in the world were on the radio station ‘La voz de Madrid’ as a collaborator of the program ‘Spanish sports Sunday’. In 1975 he began as an intern at Televisión Españolaand soon after he made his first screen appearance on La 2, in the program ‘Redacción noche’.

    Later he went to the news of Televisión Española, where he specialized in sports, but he was also the correspondent for Casa Real. In 1976 he made his debut as a presenter on the RTVE newscast.

    As a journalist, Matías Prats has covered different historical milestones, such as the proclamation of Juan Carlos I as king in 1975, on 23-F in 1981 -he recalled this broadcast in an interview in ‘El Hormiguero’ with Pablo Motos-, the fall of the wall of Berlin 1989, the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco in 1997, the weddings of the infantas Elena and Cristina, the Olympic Games or Eurovision in 1978.

    We already know some information about his professional career, now we are going to meet Matías Prats in its most personal side.

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Wednesday November 16 the mother of Matías Prats passed awayEmilia Luque, at 102 years of age. The remains of the matriarch were in the La Paz funeral home, and there her entire family was able to say goodbye to her.

His father is Matías Prats Cañete, a well-known Spanish journalist from Córdoba who worked as the voice of NO-DO, a newscast that was shown in Spanish cinemas from 1942 to 1981.

Matías Prats Cañete married Emilia Luque Montejano, and they had three children together: Matias, Juan Jesus and Maria del Carmen.

In 2004 his father passed away. Matías Prats Cañete said goodbye in Madrid at the age of 90 due to a nephropathy.

And like his father, he wanted to dedicate himself to the world of journalism. For this reason, from 1968 to 1973 he graduated in journalism and law by CEU San Pablo University

After four years of courtship, in April 1984 the presenter married Maite Chacon in the church of Santo Domingo in Benalmádena (Málaga). As a result of this relationship, he had his two children: in 1985 Matías Prats Chacón was born and in 1988 his other daughter Marta Prats Chacón.

From generation to generation

And like his father and grandfather, Matías Prats Chacón is also a journalist. The son of Matías Prats has worked for Radio MArca, Veo Televisión and currently ppresents the Telecinco news in the sports section.

Here we can see the union of the three Matías: grandfather, father and son dedicating a life to journalism.

On the other hand, his daughter Marta Prats works in the Human Resources department of a consultancy. In 2021 she married Alberto Salas and her father, Matías Prats, he was the best man at the wedding held in the chapel of Our Lady of Begoña (Madrid)

In 2012 Matías Prats separated from Maite Chacón, and in 2013 he found love again with the journalist Ruth Izcue. They both met on Antena 3, when she was editor of the morning newscast.

In 2015 he won an Iris Award together with LOurdes Maldonado, current presenter of ‘Hablando claro’, a program on Spanish Television and Cuarzo.

In 2015 he was one of those in charge, together with Paula Echevarría, of presenting the gala of the 25 years of Antena 3.

In 2011 Matías Prats was awarded a ‘TP de Oro’ for best news presenter, with this award he received 9 recognitions from 2003 to 2011.

In 2019 he received the Iris Award for the Jesús Hermida career path. Matias Prats tells with 7 awards.

“A photo with the caption”this is how his son expressed himself -great support for the presenter- during the delivery of the IRIS 2019 award.

In 1998 he finished his time at Televisión Española and signed for the private channel Antena 3. He spent 4 years presenting the first edition of the news with Susanna Griso, current presenter of ‘Espejo Público’.

With Susanna Griso and Pablo Motos

Currently, and after a long career, Matías Prats is giving the weekend news together with Monica Carrillo.

In his beginnings at Televisión Española, Matías Prats was one of those in charge of issues related to the Royal House.

The renowned presenter wears glasses due to his eye problems. since 18 years ago he received a ball in the eye with a tennis ball. In 2015, he had to be absent from television due to an operation for retinal detachment.

Matías is not only passionate about give news about sportsLet’s remember that he started at a station giving them, but he also likes to practice them.

Matías Prats is a committed person since he supports all the causes of ‘Brake it’ a campaign promoted by Antena 3 to reduce traffic accidents.

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Matías Prats, all about the journalist’s life