MasterChef Celebrity 7: the applicants play the expulsion with the chorizo

Chorizo ​​is the main ingredient of the expulsion test

we face the first expulsion of the season with the sausage as the protagonist, especially the sausage. There are different elaborations, sizes and flavors and this is the complexity for the applicants to choose the ideal one for their dishes.

And as usual in MasterChef, They give Lorena Castell the power to choose the dishes of her companions, for being the best in the team event. And without thinking twice, she has chosen the chorizo-stuffed squid for Daniela Santiago. The beef meatballs with chorizo ​​sauce for Patricia Conde. The chickpea stew with chorizo ​​for Eduardo Rosa. The meat roll stuffed with chorizo ​​for Ruth Lorenzo. The chorizo ​​cannelloni for Fernando Andina. The chorizo ​​quiche for Isabelle Junot. And the main course of the test, the chorizo ​​chocolates, for Emmanuel Esparza.

To give game to this first elimination, Rossy de Palma has arrived to liven up the kitchens, and to save someone before turning on the stove. And he hasn’t given it much thought. The actress has decided to save her friend Daniela Santiagowith which it has coincided in Parallel Mothers (2021) by Pedro Almodovar.

Lorena Castell saves her team in the outdoor test

The most important thing to appreciate about this first outdoor test is that both teams have managed to get their dishes forward. Everyone has started with enthusiasm, but beyond the result, there have been many failures, common in novices, which have not been overlooked. In fact, if it weren’t for the help of the guest chefs, they wouldn’t have succeeded. Of the red team, the one that has stood out the most has been Daniela Santiagowhich has received a special mention from Jordi for the torrijas he has prepared. From the blue team, the best has been Lorena Castell, who has pulled the group when she needed it most. Thus, together with her, the entire blue team is saved, and Eduardo Rosa, Isabelle Junot, Emmanuel, Daniela Santiago, Ruth Lorenzo, Fernando Andina and Patricia Conde face their first expulsion test.

María Zurita, ‘at home’ in the team event

For the first outdoor test of the season, the family of MasterChef has chosen an exceptional setting for the occasion. The applicants will have to cook in groups at the Royal Site of La Granja de San Idelfonso de Segovia. A very special place for María Zurita because her grandfather Don Juan de Borbón was born there, also the grandfather of King Felipe VI.

We are talking about an exceptional palace, known for its fountains and gardens. this time they have to replicate as far as possible a four-course menu designed by chefs Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellanos. Two for each team.

Chance has brought together Norma Duval, María Escoté, Pepe Barroso, Lorena Castell, Nico Abad, Xavier Deltell, María Zurita and Ruth Lorenzo (the captain) in the blue Team.

And the Red Teamled by Manu Baqueiro, is made up of Eduardo Rosa, Isabelle Junot, Emmanuel Esparza, Daniela Santiago, Ruth Lorenzo, Fernando Andina and Patricia Conde.

The first group will have to cook the starter and the main course. It is a salmorejo with roasted peppers, anchovies, Segovian cheese and tomatoes. And a pickled partridge on carrot puree and glazed spring onions. Not bad to start with.

On the other hand, the red team will be in charge of some important potatoes with prawns, and dessert: a brioche French toast with sheep’s milk ice cream. All this in 160 minutes and for 100 guests who will have the honor of trying the dishes of this first team event of the edition.

Manu Baqueiro, winner of the first round of Master Chef Celebrity 7

With this first test, the judges wanted to teach the applicants that you can always make a good dish with few ingredients and it seems that everyone has understood it to the best or worst extent. The truth is that there has been a bit of everything during cooking: few lights, many shadows, and the occasional surprise.

If we want to highlight the ‘cocinillas’ that have failed miserably with their recipes are Norma Duval, Pepe Barroso, Emmanuel Esparza and María Zuritawho have not understood the objective and have not lived up to what was asked of them.

On the other hand, the best in the class were Xavier Deltell, Lorena Castell and Manu Baqueiro, who have surprised the judges for good, and have received their most sincere congratulations. Especially Manu, who dedicates the dish to his father, and is delighted to be able to allocate his prize to the association Smiles without Cancer.

Patricia Conde’s great attack of laughter in MasterChef

The kitchens of Master Chef Celebrity are reopened to give us a seventh season full of surprises. There are 15 faces from the world of television, the new applicants who embark on this unique culinary adventurewhich has become a reference format for entertainment. Actors, singers, journalists, designers… all kinds of profiles from different branches leave their comfort zone to give everything in the program. And now that the aprons of MasterChefyour next target will be convince Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo-Nágero and Pepe Rodríguez with their first cooked.

Our protagonists are Patricia Conde, Nico Abad, Norma Duval, Pepe Barroso, Lorena Castell, Fernando Andina, Ruth Lorenzo, Manu Baqueiro, Daniela Santiago, Xavier Deltell, María Escoté, Emmanuel Esparza, Isabelle Junot, María Zurita and Eduardo Rosa.

The iconic mystery boxes hide the necessary ingredients from the first test. In a time of 75 minutes, the new applicants will have to cook with the components that have been assigned to them. But since it is the first cooked, the judges allow them to do some barteringin exchange for your time. And after some fun negotiations, now it’s time to show how they work in the kitchen.

MasterChef Celebrity 7: the applicants play the expulsion with the chorizo