Marla Maples, the most unknown wife of Donald Trump and mother of Tiffany Trump

The arrival of Hurricane Nicole at Mar-a-Lago, the club and private residence of former President Donald J. Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, did not stop the celebration of the wedding of Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos. The president’s daughter said “yes, I do” last Saturday surrounded by some 500 family and friends. Among them was a face that is not well known to the general public, because if Tiffany is Trump’s least media daughter, her mother, Marla Maples, is his least known wife.

Maples and Donald Trump married in 1993, just two months after welcoming their first and only daughter. The businessman chained one marriage to another, since he had separated from Ivana Zelnícková the previous year, when the rumors of the tycoon’s romance with Maples were already more than evident. The new couple married on December 20, 1993 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, in a grand ceremony attended by, among others, Rosie O’Donnell and OJ Simpson.

Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump in a 2017 file photo.


His happiness did not last, because three years after the wedding, Trump had to fire one of his bodyguards, Spencer Wagner, after a controversial episode in which a police officer found the member of security with Maples under a guardhouse. on a deserted beach, very close to Mar-A-Lago, at 4:00 a.m. A police report dated the incident to April 16, 1996.

Both Trump and Maples denied the facts, but the bodyguard after being fired He told several versions of the event. The couple ended up separating for good a year later, in May 1997, and they filed for divorce on June 8, 1999. Under the terms of her prenuptial agreement and divorce agreement, Maples is bound by confidentiality about her marriage to Trump.

iffany Trump Marries Michael Boulos at Mar-a-Lago Instagram

Marla Maples, Michael Boulos, Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump in an image from this weekend.

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15 movies

The timid acting career of Marla Maples has not managed to overcome her fame as the wife of the business tycoon

Before and after her famous marriage, Maples has developed a timid career as a film and television actress. She has appeared in a total of 15 films and has made several cameos in television series, activities that have not managed to overcome her fame as the wife of the business tycoon.

Beyond acting, Maples has dedicated herself to philanthropy collaborating with various charities, highlighting her work with Kids Creating Peace, an NGO that unites Israeli and Palestinian children.

Her love of health, sports and wellness is also known, as she describes herself as “mainly vegan” who avoids dairy products, eats organic products and chooses not to eat products with gluten. Tiffany Trump described her mother as passionate about the healthy food she cooked homemade chocolate for her when they lived in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. She also hilariously recounted that while her mother worried about her feeding, her father hid to give her candy from the store.

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Marla Maples, the most unknown wife of Donald Trump and mother of Tiffany Trump