Maria Grazia Cucinotta: «I learned to cook with my mum and her ragù» | TV Smiles and Songs

The actress never stops. Between family, theater and cinema, you have found the time to be on the cover of our annex

November 22, 2022 at 08:07

She was the first to smile: «When they asked me to host “The perfect ingredient”, I thought: “But can someone with a surname like mine do a program in which cooking is done?”. Immediately afterwards I replied: “Of course, who cares what my name is!”». Since 2021, after processing this answer, Maria Grazia Cucinotta entertains the public on Sunday morning on La7 with recipes and tasty dishes. And for this reason we have chosen her as the protagonist of the cover of the Sorrisi annex dedicated to the kitchen on newsstands from November 22nd.

Maria Grazia, when and how was your passion for cooking born?
“Everything I know I learned when I was a little girl. To make me and my sisters feel good, my mum, while she was cooking, gave us something to do too, like occasionally turning the Sunday ragu that she cooked for hours or passing the gnocchi on the fork to make the characteristic stripes come out».

And she now teaches what she has learned to viewers…
«I love explaining each recipe step by step because I can’t stand all those who take things for granted. I define myself as a “home cook”, so much so that if something doesn’t turn out right, I do as it is usually done at home: I take some paper and clean it up, it’s not like I start over from scratch. I think that’s why “The Perfect Ingredient” is so successful. They also watch it abroad via the web: many write to us that, thanks to the programme, they have learned not only to cook but also to speak Italian. For this reason there is the possibility, in the future, to go and do it also outside our country».

Before thinking about the future, she must think about the present which, for her, is really busy.
“It’s true, it’s a very intense period. Just a few days ago we resumed the theatrical tour of “Daughters of Eve”, the comedy directed by Massimiliano Vado which I play with Vittoria Belvedere and Michela Andreozzi. It is really Michela that I have to thank because I had never done theater before and it was she who called me. We have now passed 200 performances, but the first few times were very difficult for me: I was ashamed and every evening, before going on stage, I wanted to escape. Now, however, I have learned to manage both shyness and the public. Furthermore, thanks to this comedy, Vittoria, Michela and I have also become friends and every time we can’t wait to leave the families and leave as three little girls on a field trip (laughs)».

She is also busy in the cinema.
“A film that has just come out, one that has just finished shooting and one that has just started shooting. The first is entitled “This night tell me about Africa”, is directed by Carolina Boco and Luca La Vopa and is a wonderful film based on an equally wonderful book. We talk about diversity and the time we don’t dedicate to those we love because of work. Recently, however, I finished shooting “The best of you” by Fabrizio Maria Cortese. Emotionally speaking, it’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever taken part in and it’s extremely timely since it talks about love, finding each other, forgiving each other and not living in anger. It will hit theaters next year. Finally there is “The lambs can graze in peace” which we have just started shooting under the direction of Beppe Cino. It’s another wonderful story, full of poetry. I play Fofina, a caretaker who loves Pasolini».

He talked about the time we don’t spend with those we love because of work. What do they say in the family about all his commitments?
«They got used to it a little, after seeing me stay at home for a long time, they understood that it’s better that I go away from time to time, so they don’t even have to put it away (laughs). In the kitchen, then, both my husband and my daughter are doing well: Giulio (Violati, entrepreneur, ed) is so good at cooking that he has just opened a restaurant and Giulia, who at the age of 21 still asks me to pack her suitcase, is completely self-sufficient when she is alone».

Let’s go back to the cinema for a moment: you have starred in dozens of films but your name continues to be inevitably linked to “Il postino”, the last one played by Massimo Troisi who died shortly after the end of filming.
«Almost 30 years have passed but every day, sometimes even several times a day, someone asks me about Massimo and I’m glad because it’s a way to remember the extraordinary artist he was, and to thank him. He wanted that film so much that I consider it a small miracle that it continues to excite today».

She is the star of “Kitchen”

This week you will find “Cucina” on newsstands for only 2 euros including Sorrisi. The protagonist of the cover story is Maria Grazia Cucinotta, with a dish she loves, pasta alla Norma. But that’s not all: other tasty recipes await you.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta: «I learned to cook with my mum and her ragù» | TV Smiles and Songs