Marc Calderó: “In Mediaset they understood that there are opportunities that I cannot miss”

the march of Marc Caldero to RTVE has been, together with the signing of Sonsoles Ónega by Atresmedia, one of the great surprises of the television course. The journalist has gone to the public channel to take charge of Speaking clear, one of the bets of the Corporation for the new television season.

Beside Lourdes Maldonadothe Catalan has been presenting this current affairs magazine since last Saturday, September 10 in the mornings of La 1, a premiere precipitated by the death of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

With Hablando Claro, Marc Calderó takes an important step in his career and finally becomes the main presenter, an opportunity that never came to him at Mediaset. Despite the unexpectedness of his departure, the journalist he only has good words for his old chain and denies with laughter that he joined Sonsoles to launch “a torpedo” at Vasile’s company. She talked about this and other matters with the media, including BLUPER, in the presentation of his new program within the framework of the Vitoria-Gasteiz FesTVal.

Marc Calderó presents ‘Hablando Claro’ with Lourdes Maldonado.


How did Mediaset react when you said you were leaving?

Well, it was a much more normal conversation than sometimes some digitals have published. It was a conversation in which I explained to them the offer that had come to me and they understood the decision I was making at that time. Obviously, it is at the gates of a summer that I had to be presenting ‘It’s already noon’ in August and therefore they had to make some changes. But hey, I think there was also enough room for them to find an alternative and that they understood perfectly that sometimes there are opportunities that you can’t let go.

Was there some kind of counteroffer to try to hold you back?

Can I keep it to myself? I’m going to keep it.

What do you think is going to differentiate ‘Hablando Claro’ from its competitors?

There are two very important points. The first, and I really mean it: having 14 reporters, this muscle of reporters scattered throughout the country, which means that when something happens we are practically the first to arrive, that is already a big difference. And then I think that the profile of presenters that Spanish Television has chosen for this program, I don’t want to talk about myself because it looks fatal, but I think that Lourdes’ career supports it, it is a very rigorous profile, but with that closeness and that familiar point that in other programs there is not so much.

Your departure from ‘Ya es midday’ became known after the signing of Sonsoles by Antena 3 was announced. At what exact moment did each of you make the decision?

It was all in parallel. Sonsoles has said that the offer she had was only known to her closest relatives. No one else knew about that offer and I had another that my parents knew about and little else. It is a decision that I had already made before Sonsoles decided that she would change the channel. I cannot deny that those first days were a few days of turbulence, of relocating all of us. It is true that I already knew that I was going to leave, but in the end you also have a responsibility with the program and with the network you are on. In addition, everything was very ‘polite’ and very correct with them and I can only wish Mediaset España and ‘Ya es midday’ the best. I have enormous affection for them, I have spent many years there and I have learned from great friends.

How did the news of the signing of Sonsoles by Atresmedia get you?

Well look, he caught me walking my dog ​​around the Retiro, imagine (laughs). I have a very good relationship with Sonsoles, but nobody knew about it. She has said it: her father knew it, her sister knew it and little else. These things, in the end, are professional offers that come to you and that each one manages it as she wants, as she can and communicates it when she thinks it is the moment, in the end it is her professional life.

Have you been able to talk to her about your respective changes?

Yes Yes. Two days later we met, we have been in contact and today we have spoken. She has been my role model for many years, we have a very good relationship and I can only wish her the best in her new project and in everything she has to do on another network, in this case on Antena 3.

Are you going to miss dealing with matters of the heart like you did in ‘Fresh’?

I had never done heart and presented the ‘Fresh’ because it was part of the structure of the program. I had a great time, but it is not the subject in which I feel safest. I’m not a heart specialist, but in the end I had a good time.

The presenter assures that he had a good time presenting the'Fresh' although the heart is not his specialty.

The presenter assures that he had a good time presenting the ‘Fresh’ although the heart is not his specialty.


Is there any television format that you would like to present beyond current affairs magazines?

The truth is that today is an environment in which I feel very comfortable because I play all the sticks. Yes, it is true that sometime in this life I would like to focus more, for example, on making a good documentary or a great documentary on a specific topic.

And about what?

Well, so many people come to mind right now. Beyond Elizabeth II, many historical figures that fascinate me, such as the current Pope, who is revolutionizing some aspects of the Church to some extent.

Were you waiting for an opportunity to have your own space beyond replacing Sonsoles?

I did not expect that. When you receive a call like that, it throws you off a bit, but later, more at rest, you think it’s a call that implies an important change in your trajectory. Where do you want to head your career? ‘Hablando Claro’ is a program that gives you thematic versatility, being close and also familiar. In a magazine you are not as corseted as in a news program, I am as the viewers see me. I’m hosting a show and there will be people who like it and people who may not like it as much.

At some point have you commented with Sonsoles in a humorous tone ‘the one we’ve messed up, we’ve left them plucked’?

(laughs) No, no, not at all. For us, ‘Ya es noon’ has been a great project and a great program and we can only be grateful to the format and to Mediaset. We have both decided to take professional paths that lead us to other chains. I have read some headlines that seemed that this was a torpedo to Telecinco and for nothing. They were two decisions that coincided in time.

You were fired very well.

Yes, it was something that I think was not even planned. I think Joaquín’s words were very sincere and came out to him at that moment. I am super grateful, Joaquín and I are in contact and, of course, I sent him a message.

Marc Calderó: “In Mediaset they understood that there are opportunities that I cannot miss”