Maneuver, government

Comparison in the majority on the Maneuver for 2023, that the government intends to address on Monday in the Council of Ministers. It’s in the balance tax shield for the return of capital from abroadwhich had been on the table in recent days: the measure should not be included in the maneuver for additional reflection.

Towards confirmation, however, the package relating to the so-called tax break, which provides for the cancellation of folders under one thousand euros and a discount for those up to three thousand. And also the colon cut of the tax wedge for a cost of approximately 3.5 billion. The government is also reportedly working on a series of measures in favor of the family. On the table, from the competent ministry, a proposal to raise the flat-rate increase of the single allowance for families with at least four children by 100 euros. That would be a double.

Maneuver, a fund for Made in Italy

New Sabatini refinancing and fund to help minors on the web

Over half a billion in two years to refinance the ‘Nuova Sabatini’, which has become a structural instrument to support the SME system for the purchase or leasing of capital goods. It is a proposal for the budget law put forward by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, which estimates an additional allocation of 255 million for 2023 and 250 for 2024. The measure also aims to speed up payments to SMEs for to meet the liquidity needs for the current energy crisis, as well as to extend the simplification mechanism by extending also to applications submitted from 1 January 2022, within the limits of available resources, the possibility of benefiting from the disbursement of subsequent tranches in a single solution. An extension of the deadline for carrying out the investments by the beneficiary companies is also envisaged. Among the proposals there is also the refinancing of development contracts: in particular, the law envisages allocating 3.2 billion euros to the financing of industrial development and environmental protection programs and 0.8 billion euros to programs for the development of tourism activities. Various proposals on tax credits: the extension for 2023 of the tax credit for investments in training activities 4.0 is proposed; the strengthening of tax credits for investments in capital goods; for the tax credit for investments in research, development, innovation, design and aesthetic innovation, the subsidized rates envisaged for the tax period in progress as at 31 December 2023 are modified, restoring a differentiation of the benefits due between the various subsidized activities in function of the technical and financial risk of the different types of innovation.

Among the items, also three million euros in the three-year period 2023-2025 for a fund for media and digital literacy and protection of minors in the field of digital media.

Anti-violence centers, more funds for the Plan against violence against women

The government strengthens the national plan against violence against women. The amount that will be allocated, starting next year, to the financing of anti-violence centers and shelters rises from 5 to 15 million. “The modification proposal arises from the need to ensure adequate financial resources for the implementation of the actions of the Plan”, reads the government proposal.

We are working on refinancing for craft beers

Work is underway on refinancing for 1 million to support the craft beer sector. According to what has been learned, it would be one of the proposals put forward by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy to be included in the budget law. The rule would serve to cover the greater need recorded with respect to the resources currently available.

Decoder and TV bonus refinancing hypothesis

Refinance the TV and decoder bonus for another year. This is the proposal for the budget law put forward by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, which provides for an allocation of 100 million for 2023. The refinancing is for two existing contributions: for the purchase of TVs, subject to scrapping of a non-compliant appliance, with the disbursement of a single contribution per household, equal to 20% of the expenditure within the limit of 100 euros; for the purchase of television sets without scrapping or decoders, with a contribution for families with ISEE up to 20 thousand euros, 30 euros or the sale price if lower.

Summer camps, a Structural Fund is born to support the Municipalities

A Fund to support initiatives aimed at minors, such as summer camps, socio-educational services and centers with an educational and recreational function. The Fund provides for an annual allocation of 68 million, which will be transferred to the Municipalities for the initiatives promoted in the area, also in collaboration with public and private entities.

Family, proposed 100 euros more even in the case of twins

Not just a 100 euro surcharge on the single allowance for families with at least four children. Among the proposals of the Ministry of the Family for the budget law there is also a provision which provides for the same disbursement (100 euros) also to families in which there are twin children “whose livelihood – states the explanatory report – is particularly onerous right in the first years of life”. Considering an average of 18,500 households with twin children, the expenditure estimate is 22.3 million, from 2023.

Single allowance for children, 100 euros more for large families

One hundred euros more per month in the single child allowance that families with four or more children receive. The proposal is contained in a package developed by the Ministry of the Family for the budget law. The increase, which increases the current flat-rate increase for large families, will start in 2023.

Maneuver, Fazzolari: “Today we’re talking about content, the figures are those of Nadef”. We think about 30 billion

Before the summit between the majority and the government, the undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi, Giovanbattista Fazzolari, he said: “Today we will address the issue of timing and content, the figures are those already foreseen by the Nadef”. The forecasts on the eve are for a 30 billion maneuver, of which 21 billion – those deriving from the increase in the programmatic deficit compared to the trend – are however already destined for the bills chapter. They would have about ten to be used also to expand the 15% flat tax and the self-employed from 65 to 85 thousand euros of income and to put an interim solution on the track pensions with the exit at 41 years of contributions and 62 personal datapostponing the chapter for a more thorough review of the Fornero.

Maneuver, government-majority summit. The shield on the capitals hangs in the balance. On the table 100 euros more for large families