Karen Doggenweiler’s 30

The cheerleader left TVN in 1991 when she began to practice in the press department

Karen Sylvia Doggenweiler Lapuente, came to Chilean National Television in 1991 to the Press Department. He did his internship after having studied at the Gabriela Mistral University, and from that moment it had been his television home. Until today.

It was there where he worked for five years, initially covering various fronts such as courts, politics and economics. His momentary retirement occurred after he was born Fernanda Cornejo, the daughter of her first marriage to the journalist Eugene Cornejo.

It was in 1997 when he returned to the screens of the “everyone’s channel”. At that moment he changed sides and joined the sports area, where he along with Fernando Solabarrieta led the extinct program nba jam, the one that was dedicated to covering USA basketball.

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The jump to the miscellaneous

It was a year that lasted, because in 1998 he made a summer replacement in the morning “Good morning to all”. That catapulted her to fame, because with the morning TVN his gifts that we now know came out, and he went on to be together with Philip Camiroaga in the “Whatever happens”.

After being in the company of Felipe Camiroaga, and doing several replacements in the morning of TVN, she finally became the stable host of the morning slot in 2002.

Three years later, she left the screen again, just as before to have little Manuela Enríquez-Ominami Doggenweiler, a daughter she had with her current husband Marco Enríquez-Ominami, not without first leading the popularity and credibility polls.

the third lap

In 2006 she triumphantly returned to being the host of the star show «The Dance on TVN»the version of the international franchise «Dancing With The Stars».

Karen also in 2008 animated «The family of the last passenger»summer version of «The last passenger». That year he was also in the co-animation of «Stars in the Ice» beside Raphael Aranedawith whom he also leads the reality show in 2009 «VIP Platoon»achieving the highest ratings that a reality show has obtained on TVN.

It should be remembered that he again put a stop to his television career on 2009, to go with Marco Enríquez-Ominami on his presidential tour.

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the last one is the charm

His return was to be on the show «Strength Chile, together we stand up”, kind of Telethon with which it was sought to go to the aid of the victims of the earthquake of February 27 .

“Circus of Stars” was the star of 2010, and in the framework of the World Cup in South Africa he joined the version of “Falcon and Kameleon” together with Stefan Kramer and again with Felipe Camiroaga, where he continued with the mission of presenting the space for earthquake victims.

That year Karen Sylvia was also commanding the reality show of the state signal, Platoon V. And again he returned to share the screen with his eternal companion in “Nocturnal animal”.

It was in 2011, that he returned to the prime with Julián Elfenbein in “Tell me why?”, show that did not give the width so it was removed from the screen. In December of that same year that he returns to be the anchor face of the “Good morning to all”.

2013 leaves the screen for the second presidential attempt at MEO, and returned to the title of the morning show in 2014, also taking over the leadership of the XLV Festival of the Huaso de Olmué, feat that repeated the years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The other programs that marked in which he was in the last time were, “lip sync” the 2015, “The Huincha” in 2018, It’s Your Time 2020 and his last one in which he was with Mauricio Pinilla, “Have a good weekend” which started this year.

Karen Doggenweiler’s 30-year career on National Television