Juana Viale: “The experience as a driver seemed terrifying at first, but today I enjoy it”

Juana Viale returns to television and releases a name for her program: Lunch with Juana

“I’m very happy”. As if it were a mantra, Juana Viale will repeat these words over and over again in chat with teleshow to describe his state of mind before his return to television. A different start, postponed, labyrinthine, full of rumors that he chose to put aside to concentrate on the north of him. As she did with each of her steps in the middle until she reached this present, she became more and more consolidated as a driver, with a Martin Fierro gleaming and proud somewhere in your home.

Until this noon, Juana had occupied the head of the tables in temporary or more extensive replacements for her grandmother, such as the one that began on March 21, 2020, when the pandemic and its consequent restrictions pushed her to go on stage. So, I was days away from starting a shoot and had to recalculate on the fly. To make a bull, as they say in the environment and as he likes to repeat at every opportunity. He made that not-so-foreign detour his own, contributing his own style and without losing sight of the original packaging. And the results are on sight.

Today at 1:45 p.m. on El Trece premieres having lunch with Joan, to formally put his stamp on the Sunday program that returns to the air after a long time. Nine months of great uncertainty, after that last December 19, the day after sharing the last program with Mirtha. A birth. She had it active for a while, with the theatrical tour of Burning, which he took to Uruguay, and redoubling his commitment to the environment. She without losing sight of the television, much less her grandmother, but she remains quiet in her anxieties, knowing that time was going to put things in her place.

Juana Viale returns this afternoon with Pampita Ardohain, Guillermo Coppola, El Polaco and Rolando Barbano as guests (StoryLab)
Juana Viale returns this afternoon with Pampita Ardohain, Guillermo Coppola, El Polaco and Rolando Barbano as guests (StoryLab)

—How did you live these months of uncertainties and negotiations?

—Very calmly, honestly, I was left to fate to do what it wants. She had no angst, or anything like that; she knew we were going to come back, but what she didn’t know exactly was when. These negotiations are long, with twists and turns, you have to agree and now not only with my grandmother, you also had to agree with me. It’s nice to be able to work, the experience I had as a driver was scary at first, but now I enjoy it. It is a moment of enjoyment in which I have a good time.

—Where did those fears from the beginning go?

—Especially because of the conditions, I started in the midst of a pandemic without knowing what was going to happen, with an absolutely uncertain future. The quarantines were for a period of 15 days and it was not known what was going to happen. Every 15 days I found out if I was going to continue working in a place that was not mine, I had to do it as a university degree, and what is learned in four or six years I had to do in record time.

-And it was worth it.

—Yes, today I am very happy to be where I am, and I know that the public also loves it and wants it very much. I say this because of the repercussion of the program, because of what people tell me, because of the desire with which they waited for this return to take place. Over there one does not take dimension of what happens outside, because he is doing his work in a studio at a table, with guests, but in these years of pandemic the program meant a great company in many houses.

Juana Viale with a casual look when arriving at the studios to record her program (Ramiro Souto)
Juana Viale with a casual look when arriving at the studios to record her program (Ramiro Souto)

—When did you feel that the fears had passed, that you began to enjoy the program more?

—I don’t know, there are things that happen and you didn’t realize it, there wasn’t a specific day in which I felt that I had her tied up. All the guests are different, one varies emotionally. I still feel nervous every time I do the program, it’s not that I do it on the spur of the moment, and the day I stop feeling those nerves I think I’m going to feel like I’ve met the goal and I’ll have to do something else. It is very invigorating to go to work, there is no script, many times what happens is unexpected. Yes, I was gaining confidence in myself and here we are.

The importance of being called Juana. The “here we are” opens two possible paths. That of the driver received in record time and with honors, judging by the Martín Fierro awarded by APTRA and by the public’s affection for Chiqui, who adopted her as her own. And also the one that this year will add her first name for the first time to a brand that has been at the top of television for 54 years. having lunch with Joan It will then be the seal that accompanies her at every Sunday noon. The actress is not responsible for the decision, and she tells what her grandmother said when she found out about it. “What a shock!” But the free version of the phrase Susanesca It does not contain any resentment or anything that resembles it. “It was the change of Mirtha for Juana, but at the end of the day the program is still Having lunch. And if we want, one day she can go on a Sunday and I can go on a Saturday. Those are the advantages of working as a family”, she slips mischievously.

—Were they very complicit on stage when they shared the last program and every time they are shown in public? How much do they talk about the show off-camera? Are they to give each other advice?

—There is no such thing, because she is my grandmother as well as being Mirtha Legrand. We don’t get together to talk exclusively about work, luckily we talk about many things and I think that complicity also comes from that side, that we are family. Now when we start we are going to talk a lot about the post, how we dress, the guests, the repercussions; but no advice, we are past that stage, we are in another and each one has its imprint, its way of doing and running the program.

—Do you get involved in the production when it comes to choosing the guests?

—Yes, I talk to my huge production team, who work not only on a day-to-day basis. Such a show needs to be pre-produced well in advance. Sometimes I ask for a guest that I would like to have, we think about the complexity of that Tetris that is to assemble each table. We see the agendas of the guests, with whom they can coincide. Is not easy.

In front. Juana does not want to risk names of guests in the future, not even in playful mode. Perhaps as not to put pressure on himself, perhaps not to show the cards. In any case, understanding the game of television that she had to learn to play even coming from an artistic lineage. “I like plurality”, he will say as the only condition for his table to open doors to different thoughts and aspects. But the warning is not only ideological. “I am going to be on Sundays and I don’t think there are such political tables. It seems to me that for a Sunday lunch it is very heavy, and I think it will be a little more relaxed.

—Would you approach programs based on current affairs differently compared to those with more relaxed content?

—It’s the same preparation, because you have to study for each guest, be it a politician, a musician or whatever. And this year will be the same. We changed the studio, we have new scenery, there are many changes. We have to adapt to a new space, it’s a giant space in the Cuyo Studios, it’s like when you move house you learn to know the sounds of home. Here it is the same and you have to get used to it.

Juana Viale received the Martín Fierro 2021 as best driver (Telefe)

—Were you very attentive to what was said when you started driving?

—No, I was worried more than anything in trying to do my best. When I started it was a very difficult moment for Argentina and for the world, nothing was known, it was like making a very complex bull. I had to learn, worry about being informed, attentive to every detail and that already takes me too long to see what they say about me.

—Speaking of the times, how does the host Juana coexist with the actress?

—It’s a bit of making and combining and accommodating everything with a lot of waist. Now we were recently with Burning, in Uruguay, which went very well for us again. These are very beautiful moments, it is a work that I really like to do with my colleagues and I want to take it for a walk Burning elsewhere, but for that you have to coordinate and organize. The fact that we record on Fridays leaves that possibility open for me.

—What can you tell us?

—I don’t have anything concrete and I’m afraid of screwing up. But I do have several projects that include cinema, series and theater.

Juana Viale and Mirtha Legrand in the program they shared in December 2021. This year they will be distributed on Saturdays and Sundays (Storylab)
Juana Viale and Mirtha Legrand in the program they shared in December 2021. This year they will be distributed on Saturdays and Sundays (Storylab)

The actress who projects and diversifies her career never thought that her first Martín Fierro was going to take him thanks to driving. That trade that she had incorporated from her grandmother and her mother almost without realizing it, that she had to make her way by walking and that finds her increasingly comfortable and settled. “It was rowing something that I did not know but I did inherit,” he said at the exciting gala held in May. “I am very happy and very grateful”, she completes from a distance. “I never intended anything, from the time I never thought of doing the show. But it was a great emotione,” he adds.

Today Juana will go back on stage. With her name next to the ritual that Mirtha began 54 years ago, arising from a crazy and casual chat with Alexander Romey. With Pampita Ardohain, Guillermo Coppola, Rolando Barbano and El Polaco as first guests. In the preview, he will talk about something with his grandmother that will remain private, as happens in the best families. And other music will play on the air, but the song will remain the same.


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Juana Viale: “The experience as a driver seemed terrifying at first, but today I enjoy it”