John Kelvin and his controversial statements in his first interview after leaving prison

John Klevin appeared in ‘Love and Fire’ after being released from prison. (Willax)

john kelvin was presented this Thursday, November 24, in Willax’s magazine, ‘Amor y Fuego’. In this way, the cumbiambero makes his first appearance on television, after having been in prison for more than a year, after being denounced by his ex-partner Dahlia Duran for the crimes of assaults against the woman and the members of the family group.

The artist appeared on the set of the program Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre, who questioned everything that happened with him from the day he Dahlia Duran He went on national television to denounce him for physical and sexual assault. Also, everything that happened after the ex-partner sat down to reconcile and ended up having dinner.

In the guest’s presentation, the cumbiambero revealed that he was happy to be free, because that means a new opportunity for his life. In addition, he assured that he intends to do things well for his children.

“I am happy with life, which is giving me a new opportunity. I am going to start doing things well, as a son, as a father and all I want is to start and I consider that to start again you have to heal from here (points to the head) 2, he commented.

john kelvin was asked about his meeting with Dahlia Duran in a restaurant, where he sang a song and even toasted with wine. Given this, the former prisoner pointed out that it was a situation that he did not prepare and that it happened without thinking about it.

“I am not using anyone. We simply did what we had to do, reconcile for the well-being of our children and come to fruition for the marriage. The subject of dinner came up, I was with my family. I want to have the party in peace and if it happened at that moment, it stayed there and later that she be happy and I will make my life “sentenced.

This was the meeting between Dalia Durán and John Kelvin in the conciliation center | love and fire

The singer pointed out that he had a small conversation with Dalia Durán during the conciliation and there he apologized for having brutally beaten her and that, consequently, he went to jail for these crimes. Given this, the Cuban woman would have mentioned that she is not the one to forgive.

“She told me that she is not the one to forgive me and if God is giving me a chance, I have the right to start over. To start over, one has to heal, so that she can heal, she has to forgive too. Both,” she explained.

At another time, he was asked if he had any feelings towards the mother of his children. At that moment, Kelvin He revealed that he has not loved his ex-partner for several years and that he confused their relationship with habit, but it ended in the worst way.

“I stopped loving Dalia many years ago. At some point I will have loved her, of course, I did love her. At some point there was a lot of affection, then it was habit more than love. Our relationship was very unbalanced on both sides and it ended badly,” she added.

John Kelvin talks about the forgiveness he asked Dalia Durán for. (Willax)
John Kelvin talks about the forgiveness he asked Dalia Durán for. (Willax)

The cumbia singer recalled his time in jail and pointed out that it was very strong that he was admitted to prison. In addition, he commented that he has no intention of victimizing himself and confirms that he was to blame for the beating of the mother of his last four children.

“All of that (being in jail) was very hard for me. I do not come in order to victimize myself, I am not a victim. I was guilty and I accepted it, there is no excuse, no excuse for what I did and paid for it. I paid dearly for it, ”she commented as she broke down before the magazine cameras.

Rodrigo Gonzalez He asked his guest if he had identified the reason why he was violent with his ex-partner. Furthermore, he reminded her that Dahlia Duran He declared that he had suffered from violence for many years, but the beating he gave him in 2021 was the strongest he had ever experienced.

Given this, the cumbiambero defended himself by assuring that he had never raised his hand to any of his partners before. “I have never put a hand in it, not to her (Dalia), or to any woman. In the course of life (never), it was that time yes. (That was the first time you hit someone), that’s right and I paid, “he said.

The singer saw the images in which Dahlia Duran appeared on the program ‘AMor y Fuego’ and recounted step by step how she was mistreated by John Kelvin. There, she said that in addition to being beaten, she had also been sexually assaulted. Given this, the cumbiamber was incredulous. “It is your version and you are listening to it. We never had intimacy that July 5th.” pointed out on the subject.

At one point in the interview, the artist took a minute to apologize to those who felt disappointed in his attitude, after savagely beating Dahlia Duran. He reaffirmed that he was wrong, but that he also paid.

“I want to apologize and forgive all the women who have been able to feel affected and hurt by this situation and who have been disappointed in me. Here is not John Kelvin the singer, here is Jonathan Sarmiento Llanto, who is son and father, the human being who accepts that what he did was wrong. The human being who was deprived of his freedom as a result of an act he committed. I paid and I paid dearly for it, ”he said.

John Kelvin apologizes. (Willax)
John Kelvin apologizes. (Willax)

john kelvin He saw the images when his ex-partner appeared at the show Gisela Valcárcel, after the announcement of his release. On that date, the Cuban assured that she had not forgotten the nightmare that she lived with the musician and she was outraged that they had released him. At these words, Kelvin decided to address the mother of his children.

“Dalia, I know you’re looking at me. I know that we have not had the opportunity to talk, I believe that it is time for you to heal from your mind and heart and you will see that everything will gradually settle down. What we are doing now for our children is the best thing that we are starting with a good start. For me, today all this ends, because I am not going to talk anymore. I’m not going to mention you, I’m not going to talk about you. Be happy and we have to make our children happy,” he said.

After being asked who paid the bill for the day the singer and his ex-partner went to dinner, John Kelvin surprised by assuring that it was shared. The cumbiambero pointed out that it was the right thing to do. “The account was shared. It was shared among all of us. My comadre shared with everyone, we all pay the bill. We divided it among all of us, it was the right thing to do.” he said about dinner.

John Kelvin talks about his meeting with Dalia Durán. (Willax)
John Kelvin talks about his meeting with Dalia Durán. (Willax)


John Kelvin and his controversial statements in his first interview after leaving prison