Joaquín del Betis steals the presenter’s position from Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’: “You live very well”

This Thursday Joaquín Sánchez, the charismatic Betis player, visited ‘El Hormiguero’ to give more details about ‘Joaquín, el rookie’, his first television project on Antena 3. The footballer spoke about his family, his everything, and almost He takes the position from Pablo Motos…

With the permission of Tamara Falcó, who announced this Thursday that she is marrying Íñigo Onieva, today’s great protagonist in ‘El Hormiguero’ was Joaquín Sánchez, the charismatic Betis footballer. Anyone you ask knows who he is. And it is that every occurrence he makes in public becomes viral. His great comic appearance and closeness have made him one of the most beloved media faces, even off the pitch, to the point that he comes to like the ranks and followers of Sevilla, Betis’ historic rival. Joaquín has known how to exploit his public facet with wisdom and simplicity, and now he is about to premiere his first television project, ‘Joaquín el novato’, one of the main tricks this fall on Antena 3.

Joaquín has stormed onto the set of ‘El Hormiguero’ and has come to take away Pablo Motos’s position as presenter. Motos has asked him if he would be able to present his program after starting on television and the footballer, flaunting his self-confidence, has released him: “In fact, you are already left over in that place.” Once he took over the reins of ‘El Hormiguero’, he asked Pablo Motos: “Are you thinking of retiring or is this going to be forever?” Pablo Motos, misplaced, told him: “Hey, after you…”.

Pablo Motos and Joaquín during their interview.


“Go away, you leave me the throne and you continue with your production company”, said the footballer between laughs. After these words Pablo Motos has reproached him. “At the beginning of saying that you were retiring I told you ‘come as a collaborator’ but you have less say than the Roadrunner”, Pablo Motos has faced him with all confidence. Joaquín del Betis has not remained silent: “I told you I was delighted but who trains every morning, now I get in there a little bit because I see how you live and it’s very good”.

Joaquín, in love with his family

But how is it in short distances? Beyond the pitch and the viral videos, beyond the triumphs and defeats, the tears and the laughter, if there is one aspect that fills the heart of the overwhelming striker with pride, it is his family. Joaquín Sánchez is the hero of his two daughters, along with his wife, Susana Saborido.“My two daughters are very demanding, but not only on television. Also in football. Today is my daughter Daniela’s birthday and tomorrow my little girl’s, I paint everything,” he said with a laugh.

The adrenaline and rush of a decisive football match in a stadium that is abuzz with emotion is hard to describe. Only those who live it every day of the league know that internal turmoil. But after the referee’s whistle everything returns to normal. In order not to get carried away by unbridled emotion, you need a reason that anchors you and maintains your sanity. For Joaquín, the beacon of his life is his family. Jealous of his intimacy, it is on his social networks where he relaxes and lets his followers enter his daily life with his wife and his daughters.

Joaquin Sanchez and his wife Susana

Joaquín Sánchez, who visits ‘El hormiguero’, with his wife Susana at the wedding of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos


“Love of my loves”, with these words he declared his love to Susana Saborido a week ago on her birthday. In love like the first day their paths crossed, they share a fun sense of humor and a lot of freshness. She did not go unnoticed by Bertín Osborne, who ended up signing her as a collaborator on ‘El show de Bertín’ on Canal Sur until June of this year.

Joaquín fell in love with Susana more than 20 years ago when a mutual friend introduced them. The television collaborator, who is a great lover of luxury brands as shown on her social networks, was wary of going out with a footballer of Joaquín’s fame, whose career was already consolidated by then, but after seeing each other for months, he ended up conquering to which, in 2005, he gave the ‘yes, I want’ at a wedding held in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) that was so crowded with people that the Betic could not reach the bride. “It overflowed because we weren’t expecting so many people. My brother told me: ‘Joaquín, there are people from the beach taking a seat. I haven’t seen more people in my life”, he had his characteristic grace in ‘El show de Bertín’.

A year later, in 2006, the first daughter of the couple was born, Daniela, who turns 16 today, and tomorrow, Friday, the youngest of the house, Salma, who came into the world four years and one day after her older sister . A very special day for Joaquín and his family, to whom he surely dedicates some nice words in Pablo Motos’ interview.

Joaquín del Betis steals the presenter’s position from Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’: “You live very well”