jm | Varennes inspires Penelope Rose

Renowned actress and screenwriter, Pénélope Rose has written her first novel. The author transcribes some of her childhood memories in Varennes-sur-Amance, her grandmother’s village.

An only child, Penelope builds her happiness in a parallel world. “The world of stories has helped me. A world in which you can do anything you think you can’t. I found my courage, my hopes and my dreams in the detours that books offer”, says Penelope.

In 2005, Pénélope, 14, left her Hauts-de-France countryside for Paris. “Author, director and actress. Everything seemed possible to me in the capital, it was my very own New York. »

Talent, great opportunities… The teenager lands very good roles. “I liked filming in “Fais pas ci pas ça”, as well as playing the heroine of “Avion sans elle” in the M6 ​​series adapted from the eponymous book by Michel Bussy. The advice of Sergi Lopez, Karine Viard, Antoine De Caunes, Cédric Klapish and Jean-Pierre Jeunet still carry me today. »

Best Female Hope for “L’imprudence” by Katell Quillévéré, “The Regatta” by Bernard Bellefroid“En immersion” by Philippe Haîm, best actress at the Nikon Films festival for “Spooning” by Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix… A rain of awards greets the first steps of the young actress. “On set, when I can, I stand behind the cameras and watch a shot being made. I trained in the technique, and have also worked as a camera operator and editor for the past few years. »

May 2022, she tries her hand at the theater in a play by Alexis Michalik, “The Circle of Illusionists” (Molières for author and director 2014).

And the writing in all this?

To her advantage in front of the camera, Pénélope also shows great writing skills. “Writing has long allowed me to understand what surrounds me, as a place to soak up completely without fear of injury. Stories take place in me and I try to give them a shape. Sometimes they become piano pieces, sometimes scripts and other times a book, like Wild Waltz. »

Wild Waltza 280-page novel published on August 25 by Editions Plon for the literary season was partly written in Varennes-sur-Amance. “I pay tribute to this beautiful region in which I have felt at home since I was a child. Where my dear grandmother, Mimi, lives. I love Paris, but Varennes is the place where I recover energy. The Haute-Marne is spring water, water that provides water. When I find myself in this village, when I hear the melody of the bell tower, my grandmother’s laughter, when I stroll through the vegetable garden, everything makes sense again. »

wild waltz, This is the story of Rose, a 19-year-old young woman who will emancipate herself from her societal and family conditioning thanks to resistance, in all its forms. But we won’t tell you more: Penelope will be at L’Antre des livres, in Langres on December 3.

From our correspondent Serge Borne

jm | Varennes inspires Penelope Rose