Jeff Panacloc: his adorable daughters are cracking the web with their mom Charlotte! (Pictures)

Jeff Panacloc is an artist recognized throughout France. He made ventriloquism a mainstream art with a sharp sense of humor. His performances are sold out and his appearances on television are always successful. But Jeff Panacloc wants to be known for his art, not for his private life. Despite his immense success, he decides to remain as modest as possible. And it works since we know little about his private life: those he agrees to say. However, in recent months, his life seems very different.

The two adorable little girls of Jeff Panacloc

At 35, the ventriloquist and humorist is the proud father of two adorable little girls. Rose, the eldest who is 4 years old, and Alice, her little sister aged 2 years. At the end of 2022, he spoke of his two little girls by evoking his puppet, appreciated by his eldest, but hated by the youngest. “Right now, she’s a little scared. When she sees Jean-Marc in the living room, it freaks her out a bit”. To tell you how well protected Jeff Panacloc’s privacy is, some current rumors speak of a separation between him and his wife, Charlotte. The two lovers have been married since 2016. Charlotte, before her marriage to the artist, was her press officer. But today they would be separated. It is Jeff Panacloc himself who talks about it to his fans at the end of a performance.

He explains that he was at the bottom of the hole. A few hours before his surprising confidences, he had written the following words on Twitter: “I didn’t never had so much stage fright as playing in front of you tonight. An Olympia like no other, for a period like no other. We will warm our hearts together“. However, nothing has been made official. The latest photo the girls’ mother shared on social media shows the two sisters wearing patterned pajamas, from the back.

A complicated life for Jeff Panacloc for a few months

Absent from social networks earlier in the year, the comedian wanted to write a message to his fans who follow him and are worried. ” Friends, thank you for your little messages. So, yes I had to make a video for the elections, and yes I’m less active on Insta, he writes. A small health concern prevents me from doing a lot of things. But things will quickly return to normal. I hope so anyways. In the meantime, I rest a little. See you soon. Love you. »

He doesn’t say more about his health issues, but at the time, fans assumed it was serious. Indeed, later, he publishes an Instagram post to announce the postponement of certain dates. ” For health reasons, Jeff Panacloc’s shows in Nice, Toulon and Marseille are postponed“.

A return to Mask Singer criticized

Today, Jeff Panacloc is back in the fore. He is the new member of the jury of the show Mask Singer, in which celebrities wear incredible animal costumes and sing famous hits. But problem, this family program is not made for the humor of his sidekick Jean-Marc. At least that’s what some embarrassed viewers think.

Jeff Panacloc will have waited 1 minute to place ‘fingers in the ass’, ‘poop’… Great when you watch #MaskSinger with children! Another unsuitable juror”, “Jeff Panacloc is a big word per sentence. For a family program, it’s more than average…”, ” Jeff Panacloc, his puppet Jean-Marc seriously tires me with his vulgarities… frankly painful and just nonsense, especially in such a so-called family show “.

Jeff Panacloc is used to receive this kind of criticism since his humor has never been unanimous. So he didn’t react. But his fans, they are delighted to see it in the foreground. The artist seems to be doing better and it is hoped that the health issues and personal issues are behind him for good.

Jeff Panacloc: his adorable daughters are cracking the web with their mom Charlotte! (Pictures)