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The daily, social, economic, family, political, work and student life of Ecuadorians has become a thriller endless, whose outcome is not anticipated, much less a happy ending. The term, of English origin and accepted by the RAE, refers to the narrative genre of those novels and films of intrigue, mystery and suspense. A genre with subgenres: police, political, psychological, family secrets, espionage, drug traffickers and others. The desired and achieved effect consists of keeping the spectators in a climate of anxiety, ignorance and scheduled shocks until the solution arrives. The volume of blood spilled is variable, but violence of all kinds is inevitable and necessary to sustain the plot. The final relief returns us to the comforting reality when the movie, miniseries or novel ends. The problem is that in this thriller Ecuadorian, citizens are spectators and protagonists at the same time, and the script is our ordinary life. Inadvertently and in recent years, we became part of this individual and collective narrative.

East thriller It begins when we wake up or are woken up by the alarm of a neighbor who has suffered a robbery. Then, the first TV news shows the progressive parade of crimes and hired assassins with images and testimonies. The segment of the interviews unfolds the thriller political: criminal assembly members, palace secrets, corrupt officials, conniving congressmen and ex-presidents or fugitive ministers. The children then go to school, where some of them are exposed and will eventually experience bullying, physical assault and sexual abuse. Meanwhile, young people go to college and adults go to work; if they are poor and live in Pisulí, they will have to risk their physique to board a crowded bus, where women will be groped and pickpockets will do their thing; if they have a car and live in El Batán, they will have to face the stress of traffic and the aggressiveness of drivers.

The desired and achieved effect consists of keeping the spectators in a climate of anxiety, ignorance and scheduled shocks until the solution arrives.

At work they are subject to the contingency of instability and workplace harassment, or the possibility of theft from the premises or their own enterprise. On the way home, the increasing probability of being mugged by two motorcyclists while walking from the stop to the home or the moment the garage door is opened to store the car. At home, the news and domestic conflicts, plus the new deaths and injuries in the voluminous red chronicle of the nightly news. And so every day.

Crime fights Ecuador every day

In this sequence all subgenres follow one another. The thriller politician, with scripts written by our assemblymen, whose imagination exceeds the Costa-Gavras of his best times. The thriller police, with the difference that our police do not always win, and when they do they risk being jailed and sentenced for excessive use of force. The thriller narco, prosperous, daily and expansive, although without beautiful Colombian models. The thriller mystery “Where is the money?”. The thriller family, which produces abused children and sometimes culminates in femicides…”the end”. (EITHER)

Iván Sandoval Carrión: ‘Thriller’ | Columnists | Opinion