It is possible to stop paying the RAI license fee, here is how in simple steps

The RAI license fee is a topic that is strongly back in vogue now because we are discussing eliminating it from the electricity bill. For years now, Italian taxpayers have become accustomed to paying the RAI fee directly with the electricity bill. But not without some problems for many taxpayers and not without controversy especially in recent times given the exponential increase in the cost of energy. The policy is trying the solution to eliminate the RAI fee from the bill and find another way to collect it. The fact remains that at the moment the RAI fee is due in installments on the electricity bills. However, many ask for a solution to not pay him anymore. And indeed there are some solutions to not pay the RAI fee and remain in compliance with the law.

“Hi, there is a family consisting only of husband and wife. I am 35 years old, my wife 40. With the electricity bill every two months we also pay the RAI fee. I find it absurd and annoying, because for example in 2020 I had to pay the bills and related commissions even when I had a credit bill amount. In fact, for several months my electricity supplier returned me a credit of 400 euros through a relief on the consumption of subsequent bills. In practice, the electricity bill came to me with a minus sign but still had to pay it due to the 18 euro RAI fee. I state that my wife and I don’t even turn on the TV, except in rare cases. We now do everything via the Internet, between PCs and smartphones. Even a movie we see now in streaming. How can I avoid paying the RAI license fee? “

The RAI license fee is the subject of discord between the state and taxpayers

The RAI license fee together with the car taxto the IMU, to the TASI and the tax on waste are probably the heavy taxes that Italians dispute the most. These are taxes that must be paid annually and that taxpayers often do not understand why it is necessary to pay them. Starting from the assumption that a tax is always a tax and if the State asks to pay it, it is the moral and civic right of every citizen, to fulfill the obligation, on the RAI fee the speech can also be different. Since you pay for owning a television that broadcasts the channels of the State TV, it almost seems that the tax is a consideration due to a service rendered by the state to the community. But if someone doesn’t use this service, why should they pay for it?

There are RAI license exemptions, but they are particular

There are different types of exemptions for the RAI license fee, such as those related to disability or those related to income or age issues. For example, those over 75 are not required to pay the RAI fee, with a permanent and lasting exemption which is a state law. However, our readers, being young, have no right to be exempted from paying the fee. This fee is therefore normally charged to the electricity bill. Everything happens automatically, even when a new family is formed. When you connect a new user for residential use, you are subject to the payment of the RAI fee.

The presumption of possession applies

In practice, the State assumes the presence in the home of a television set for reception of State TV channels. If the television does not exist, it must be the person concerned to communicate to theRevenue Agency that you are not required to pay the RAI license fee. Exemption for the absence of a device. In fact, on the official website of the Italian tax authorities there are exemption models, authentic applications to be forwarded to the Revenue Agency. Mandatory sending by registered letter with return receipt and without envelope. In practice, it is necessary to ask the Italian tax authorities to be considered exempt.

Ecological island, scrapping of the appliance and application to the Revenue Agency

However, the president of the application is not enough because even if it is rare, control officers can present themselves at the home of the person concerned to check the real presence or not of a television set in the house. The ideal solution would be to go to an ecological island present in the various Italian cities and towns, and hand over the appliance by having the demolition receipt issued. In this way, the application presented to the Revenue Agency would have another kind of value. The fact remains that as long as there is a television set in the house, the RAI fee is always due. Although our two readers claim to watch news and other programs directly on their PC via the Internet connection, as long as they have a radio or television set at home, they are subject to the fee. It should also be noted that the RAI license fee it is only due on one appliance per household. In practice, if the registered family has two houses, the RAI fee is due only on one. In the event that the RAI fee is also loaded on the second home, it is necessary to ask the Revenue Agency, again by means of a model, to consider this situation and eliminate the tax from one of the two users.

It is possible to stop paying the RAI license fee, here is how in simple steps