INTERVIEW – Marina Carrère d’Encausse: “I stopped hurting myself”

Her very first television, she did it in 1992 in Telematin. Thirty years earlier. This figure surprises her as much as it amuses her who – and from memory of a journalist we have never seen that – rectifies the age that Wikipedia attributes to her: “Contrary to what is written, I am not 60, but 61 years old !“Another figure that surprises her because she crossed this tenth without really noticing any difference. Except for the day when, when she was about to book a ticket at the SNCF, she was offered the Senior card “I found it unpleasant,” she comments, laughing.

GALA: Could you imagine your life without the antenna?
: I won’t have any problem with that. I’m not addicted to images or adrenaline. Besides, I have no stress on the air. On the one hand because I work a lot, I am ready, on the other hand because the real stress, I experienced when dealing with patients, when I exercised my profession as a doctor. On TV, at worst we stammer, but nothing serious, it’s not going to kill anyone.

GALA: In the new 13 at the table! which has just been published, a collection of books for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur, you are signing a short story entitled Childhood memories. What are your childhood memories?
: I don’t have many. I forgot a whole part of my very young years. But in this short story, I wanted to pay homage to my father who passed on to me things that his own father had passed on to him, who taught me in particular space, the stars. And who, when my mother was away, sometimes had a lot of trouble with her three children, Emmanuel, Nathalie and me. It happened to mom to leave for a whole month and then it was despair! We bought flashlights before he left so we could read in our beds, as if our father were a torturer. I remember keeping a T-shirt of hers that I didn’t wash to keep her smell. Sometimes we cried for days on end. A real nightmare!

GALA: As the youngest child, did you get special treatment?
. : The most “privileged” of the family was certainly my brother. He was the eldest, he was a boy, he was somewhat revered at home. This did not prevent us from getting along very well all three.

GALA: In what atmosphere did you grow up?
: Very nice, because mom is quite whimsical, in a good way. When my father was away, we had a kolkhoz, that is to say, we all slept in his room. And in the morning, if we didn’t feel like going to school, it was breakfast in bed. The only imperative was to go to the next class, but we had the right to be a little lazy. I surely borrowed this very free side that she had with my own children. With this idea that it is only in childhood that we can allow ourselves that. It is a privileged space where you can still allow yourself these moments of sweetness and tenderness.

GALA: You said you were very complex as a child…
: I still am.

GALA: Do you understand the reason for this discomfort?
: I do not know. I never had confidence in myself. However, I had very loving parents, a father in the expression of love, a mother even rather tender for the time, I had no lack, but I never loved myself. Even if for a few years it has been better. I stopped hurting myself.

GALA: Could having such a brilliant mother be overwhelming?
: It weighs and pulls up at the same time. But with it there was indeed a requirement of academic success. When I was 16, I remember telling him that I wanted to play tennis, I dreamed of Chris Evert. Mom said to me: “My darling, it’s very good, you pass your baccalaureate, you do eight years of study afterwards, and then you come back to talk to me about it!” »

GALA: It is also one of the reasons why you forbade yourself from doing Sciences-Po…
MC D’E. :
It’s true. However, this is what would have suited me best. But for the insecure young woman that I was, it was indeed too much to go to a place where my mother was a teacher and my brother was a former student. I couldn’t see myself existing next to them. I did not see my place. So I looked for a place where there was no family competition and I did medicine. Luckily, I enjoyed these studies enormously.

I was a discreet child, I was too afraid to upset my parents. My only act of rebellion was to do medicine.

GALA: Have you ever been in rebellion?
: I was such an inhibited child, so discreet that I don’t even remember anything stupid I could have done as a teenager. I was too afraid of hurting, hurting or upsetting my parents. So my only act of rebellion was to do medicine! (She laughs.)

GALA: When you started on the screen, your mother said that you “used yourself”…
. : During the first years, she had a hard time considering that it was the most intellectual and brilliant way to do my job. And then there was also a problem with the act of exposing oneself. My brother does it, but when writing, my sister, who is a lawyer, doesn’t and I decided to do it by taking the name she bears, d’Encausse. So it was quite simple to know that I was her daughter, and I imagine that it was not very easy for her.

GALA: Why did you want to take this name?
: Because I was very proud of her.

GALA: Who supported you, then, when you started out?
: Michael Cymes. We found each other very quickly and we thought it was good to do this show together. We remain very close friends and associates.

GALA: Your mother is of Georgian origin. What is Slavic in you? Have you experienced intense moments of depression, such as those related by your brother Emmanuel Carrere in his novel Yoga ?
: Emmanuel talks about a very serious disease, a real pathology. I’m more moody. I can actually go from laughter to tears quite easily, have days of great sadness, but without it being pathological. And then it still happens to me less and less often.

GALA: Today your children, 27, 30 and 33, have left home and you are divorced. How do you approach this new stage of your life?
. : My children are still very present in my life, they often need their mother, but they don’t live with me anymore… I feel very free. And this is new for me because I had never lived alone. I loved family life, really, but there I find it extremely pleasant and pleasant to live without constraint, doing what I want when I want. It’s a luxury.

GALA: The luxury of the Senior card! In 10 years, Marina, where do you see yourself?
: I’ve no idea. The only calculation I have been able to make in my life is that of having children. It’s very selfish to say that but, if I hadn’t met my husband, I could have done with anyone so much I knew I had to have it. Fortunately I came across a man who was an excellent husband and an excellent father, which he still is. For the rest, I am anything but a calculator and even less of a careerist. And what the future has in store for me doesn’t worry me at all, on the contrary, I find it quite reassuring because finally, for a long time, I find that life has more imagination than me.

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