In Pesaro, the “Alberto Sordi Family Award 2022” and the “Alberto Sordi Secret” show

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– The award ceremony of the “Alberto Sordi Family Award 2022” will take place on Saturday 17 September at 9 pm at the experimental theater in Pesaro, a prestigious award that every year, since 2017, is awarded to Italian and international artists and personalities from the world of ‘information, culture and entrepreneurship that have distinguished themselves for their talent and for having contributed to the growth of society as a whole, culturally and in a critical spirit.

An award conceived and presented by the journalist and radio and television host Rai Igor Righetti, cousin of Alberto Sordi by the mother of the actor Maria Righetti, in collaboration with the other Sordi and Righetti family members and with Colonel Orazio Anania, creator and promoter of the Apoxiomeno International Award and the International Police Award Arts Festival in progress in Pesaro these days, so that the memory of the national Alberto is always present.

In past years the “Alberto Sordi Family Award”, a beautiful gilded bas-relief depicting the vigilant Otello Celletti, played by Sordi in 1960, designed by the master Giuseppe Raffa and created by Aurart di Massimo Palombo, was awarded, among others, to Oscar winners Colin Firth, Hellen Mirren and Robert Moresco, Gina Lollobrigida, Mark Strong, Matt Dillon, director Andrei Končalovskij, Antonella Ponziani (Federico Fellini’s latest muse), Countess Patrizia de Blanck (with whom Alberto Sordi had a beautiful story of love in 1971), the program “Striscia La Notizia” and the director of photography Giovanni Mammolotti.

This year’s winners will be Angela Mariella, director of Rai Isoradio (radio section); Angelo Maria Perrino, director of the digital newspaper (digital publishing); Riccardo Signoretti, director of the weekly newspapers Nuovo and Nuovo Tv (periodical publishing); the singer-songwriter Povia, winner in 2006 of the Sanremo Festival with the song “I would like to have the beak” (music section); Andrea De Micheli, founder, president and CEO of “Casta Diva Group”, a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan, present in 4 continents and in 15 cities (TV, communication and creativity section); Bollywood star actress Shefali Shah, for the first time in Europe, winner of the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for his interpretation in “The Last Lear“and of Screen Award for Best Ensemble Cast (cinema section). During the evening, Povia will sing his song “We are Italians”.

“This award fits perfectly with the International Police Award Arts Festival says Igor Righetti as Alberto he was very sensitive to the issue of legality and equally sympathetic to the police. It is no coincidence that he played various characters in uniform in the films “Guardia, elected guard, brigadier and marshal” by Mauro Bolognini in 1956, “Il Vigile” directed by Luigi Zampa and “Il Commissario” by Luigi Comencini in 1962. Alberto was the first great politically incorrect Italian actor. His films amused us, they were instructive and of denunciation of political and moral malpractice, of speculation, cohabitation and blackmail. Alberto told me that the voice and the image continue to live even after death. True, he is no longer with us but his films have made him immortal. An artist who dedicated his life to his audience that he considered a family, that same audience that will never forget him because Alberto has entered everyone’s heart and, probably, was and still is the most loved Italian actor “.

The show-event “Alberto Sordi Secret”

At the end of the delivery ceremony, the public will attend a unique event-show, full of emotions conceived and conducted by Igor Righetti: “Alberto Sordi’s secret” taken from the book of the same name published by Rubbettino and written by Righetti with the preface by the critic Gianni Canova , now in its tenth reprint in two years from its release and which has collected 5 literary awards, two of which are international. The public will discover, for the first time, the life of the national Alberto off the set, from the interviews and from the official television appearances told by his family member who has frequented him since Righetti was a child.

“A show-event – explains Igor Righetti – that for 2 years, since the centenary of Alberto’s birth, I have already presented in 53 Italian cities. I waited for the centenary to celebrate it with the book and the show because we family members had recommendation: ‘Tell your memories with me and our loved ones only when I am horizontally’. Alberto did not like the word death. public that I loved as if it were my family and to make myself known to the new generations “. So I did. With the public he shared his professional life, but not the private one on which so many fake news have been created”. A show, therefore, far from commonplace with unpublished photos from family albums, videos and music. Admission is free.

Alberto Sordi’s deep emotional bond with Pesaro and the Marche

“I am very happy to present the Alberto Sordi Award and the secret event-show in Pesaro – reveals Igor Righetti – because Alberto had a deep emotional bond with this city and the Marche. Very few know it. For two reasons: the first because his mother Maria Righetti had lived in Pesaro for a few years where she began to take her first steps as an elementary school teacher as did her father Pietro Sordi who graduated from the Rossini Conservatory. And in Pesaro they met and married in 1910 . Alberto always told us that if his parents had not met in Pesaro he would never have been born. And it was in this city that Alberto wanted to celebrate his 70th birthday at the Pesaro International Film Festival. Alberto was also linked to Marche for the great friendship with the director and theatrical impresario Mario Mattoli, born in Tolentino, who in 1942 entrusted him with his first important role as co-star in the film “I tre aquilot you”. With Mattoli, Alberto collaborated for a long time also in the theater. He was the first to believe in his great talent, many years before Federico Fellini with whom he worked for the first time in 1952 in “Lo Sceicco bianco” and then in 1953 in “I Vitelloni”. For these reasons Alberto loved to frequent the Marche and with us family he has always talked about it with great affection. With his composer friend Piero Piccioni he used to go to the relais a stone’s throw from Fabriano “Il Marchese del Grillo”, the eighteenth-century summer residence of Fabriano Onofrio del Grillo, a character who really existed and made famous by Alberto in 1981 thanks to the film directed by Mario Monicelli “.

In Pesaro, the “Alberto Sordi Family Award 2022” and the “Alberto Sordi Secret” show-event