I eat your heart: as the film with Elodie tells us about the Fourth Mafia

The term Fourth Mafia it refers to a distinct and specific phenomenon. It is not just about, as you might think, a generational issue, but an organization that was born and raised in a specific territory down in the lands of Southern Italy. It is in the localities of Foggia that the Fourth Mafia operates combining various aspects of a criminal tradition which has for years afflicted a part (and more) of the beautiful country, which tries to relate to the customs and traditions of its community, combining them with the advancement of the times and an openness to a global and globalized vision. In the span of forty years, also called the Foggia Company, has climbed the heights of danger through murder, extortion, usury and laundering, going from being the latest arrival to more frightening than associations on national soil.

A concentration of violence and growth of an empire that has increasingly interested not only the organic fabrics of our own justice, but has also begun to stimulate the creative and investigative inspiration of the literary and cinematographic world, going from in-depth texts on the subject to reinterpretations in a narrative key of real facts. It is what happens in I eat your heartfilm by Goofy Mezzapesa distributed by 01 Distribution and produced by Indigo Film and Rai Cinema, in competition at the last Venice Film Festival (find the winners of the 79th Venice Film Festival here), which will be distributed in cinemas starting from September 22 (here you will find all the other films in cinemas in September 2022).

From the book to the film adaptation

The scripted version of the book by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini becomes a revisited cinematic work from the writing of Mezzapesa himself and his collaborators Antonella Gaeta and Davide Serino.

A novel that, focusing on the advancement of the Fourth Mafia, after the Sicilian, Camorra and Andrangheta, focuses on the increasingly expanded branch of the main clans and on the brutality of a dimension in which defeating and ostracizing enemies means shooting them in the face to even erase its memory. However, if that of Bonini and Foschini is a detailed treatise on the ways of operating, the functions, the hierarchies and the actions carried out by the Fourth Mafia, in order to transpose them to the cinema the author of the film with Gaeta and Serino starts writing a story with an archetypal structure narrating the rise and fall of a man and his family. In the I eat your heart by Pippo Mezzapesa the story of the first repentant of the criminal organizations in the Gargano promontory is revisited in particular, the Rosa Fiore who in the film becomes the character of Marilena Camporeale portrayed by singer Elodiein her screen debut (to get a first idea of ​​the performance of the rising actress, take a look at the trailer for Ti mangio il cuore).

Trying to mix experience and narration, actual events and captivating strategies to make reality a story that contains within it a skeleton that is the prototype of a thousand other stories, for I eat your heart a classic construction is used on which the strength of the film is based. A solid and linear framework that, in the simplest and therefore incisive of waysreports in a fictional way the acts that have taken place, which reverberate from the daily life of Mafia families, described as challengers for a throne on which to pour streams of blood.

Rise and power on the Gargano promontory

At the resumption of the truth of what happens in a periphery that is the pulsating center of reigns of terror in which greedy sovereigns and successors will legislate know how to hold the crownPippo Mezzapesa with his film expresses the tragedy that makes the climb for domination a path of death and deceit, of double games and betrayed trust, those that in I eat your heart help the protagonist Andrea Malatesta (Francesco Patanè) to first fill the role of master, and then unleash the consequences of a power that has negatively influenced his greed, making him greedy and mad.


In the incarnation of the character, therefore, there is not only the observation of the many bosses of Foggia who govern the region, but an entire imaginary of reference to which the screenwriters refer to describe the drunkenness of success and cruelty which are affecting the young man’s psyche. He who perhaps, ideally, would never have wanted to kill anyone, forced to find himself more than once having to decree the life or death of a person.

I eat your heart and that damn love story

In the careerist and criminal frame of I eat your heartfollowing a female point of view that is that of Elodie’s Marilena, the work also chooses a contour that can show a clear break in the transformation of the status and, therefore, of the personality of the character of Andrea Malatesta, starting with a love story.


In the joy that the young man seemed to be able to find in his relationship with the woman, the wife of a boss of the enemy clan, however, one captures the illusion of a life opportunity that soon fades, having to submit to codes of honor and moral laws. inside the Fourth Mafia – or any other. Taking an already cursed feeling, and in light of all the critical issues in front of which the two protagonists decide to be blind, the work forces the couple to disgracefully descend from the cloud on which they thought they could fly away without incurring any repercussions. An initial illusion of love that soon I eat your heart it enters into the rules of a mafia society from which the film proves that it is impossible to escape. Unless you play him. He will act by stabbing and turning his back, not regretting what he is leaving behind. A production that tries to tell what happens in reality, taking advantage of the dictates and ciphers with which literary and cinematographic stories are set up, those of which I eat your heart it makes use of.

I eat your heart: as the film with Elodie tells us about the Fourth Mafia