«I am very familiar, every fortnight I come to see my moms in Arrigorriaga»

Albizua on the set of El Lingo. / EITB

The 30-year-old journalist from Biscay has become a revelation after leading the ETB programs and the chimes

The last few weeks have been busy for Aitor Albizua. A native of Arrigorriaga, he currently resides in Madrid, where he records the contest ‘El comodín’, which will premiere very soon on TVE. It is one of the bets of the public chain for the new season.

– What is Aitor Albizua like?

– I am a nice, cheerful boy with lifelong friends. Professionally I am ambitious, I like to try new challenges. Being given the opportunity to grow and learn doing what I like the most is a privilege.

– You won’t see much of your hair in Arrigorriaga, what do you miss most about not being able to be in town?

– I come every fifteen days, I like to eat with my mom and I go to visit my moms, Bitori and Josebe, I am a very familiar person. My friends and family are what I miss the most, but I am clear that with a job like this you have to have contact with reality, with your lifelong people, who are the ones who criticize and support you the most.

– Surely his moms are not going to be removed from the screen.

– My mistress has already told me that she is going to change the routine so that she can see me.

– He comes from a family that has produced two mayors of Arrigorriaga. Has she not been tempted by politics?

– No, it has never hit me there. I have never been interested.

– Less than a month to go before Basauri’s ‘san faustos’. Will come?

– I will not arrive because I have to record in Madrid. It makes me sad because I keep a very good memory of the parties. Now I live them differently, but when I was younger I used to do the whole route through the area: Basauri, San Miguel, Ugao, Llodio, everything. This year I couldn’t be in Madalenas either because I had to work and then I took a few days off.

– He will be tired, he has not stopped in the last year.

– I’m from one place to another, I’ve been living with a suitcase for three weeks, halfway between Madrid and Arrigorriaga. The last year I have been residing in Donosti and the previous eleven in Madrid.

– He has done radio, television and now jumps from ETB to TVE.

– I feel lucky, I am 30 years old and my generation is not used to being offered so many opportunities so soon. In a year I have been in ‘We throw ourselves into the street’, I have presented the chimes in Gasteiz, then the Lingo and now a daily program on TVE. It is to say what a pass!

– ‘The joker’ is one of the surprises of the season.

– It is a format that everyone will recognize, of question and answer, it has a novelty, which is the use of wildcards and that the participant can resort to his companion. We hope it will engage the whole family.

“Work, Work, Work”

– Do you feel dizzy?

– The truth is that yes, a bit of vertigo and a bit of uncertainty about what it will be like for people to recognize me on the street outside of Euskadi. What I have clear is that I will manage things little by little. My leitmotif is work, work and work.

– How are you dealing with being stopped on the street now because most of your professional career has been spent on the radio, which is more anonymous?

– People do it with love, I haven’t had any uncomfortable situations, on the contrary, they tell you that they see you and they’re excited. We are in the media because people read us and listen to us, so I am very grateful.

– But now they are going to see more of him.

– Yes, and I will be more exposed to criticism, but when I work I have to concentrate on what I am doing. Whatever happens, it will be handled.

– Have they given you any recommendation in order to present the program?

– That I be myself, that I play with the people and the participants, because everything will flow and go better. That’s wonderful because it’s time to relax, get to know the environment and have fun. It’s going to be a lot of fun because people of all profiles will come, from 21 to 70 years old. The public is going to realize that you don’t have to know everything to present yourself, you don’t have to be a highly educated person. I am lucky to have found myself with a team with a lot of experience, I feel very supported and they make everything easier for me.

«I am very familiar, every fortnight I come to see my moms in Arrigorriaga»