Here is the Amazon purchase these days that allows you not to pay the RAI license fee

Is there a way to do not pay the RAI license fee? This is the fateful question that most Italians ask themselves year after year, without stopping. Visa and lived as an unjust tax, for many it is absolutely unrelated to the quality of the offer proposed by the state television networks. The tax must be paid by anyone who owns (even without owning it) a television set, the possession of which is presumed directly in the event that there is a utility for the supply of electricity in the declared residence. Anyone who does not own a TV, but owns an electric utility for domestic use, will have to present the substitutive declaration of non-detention to avoid automatic debit.

The fee must be paid only once a year, it is equal to 90€, it is paid on the bill and must be paid only once per family, provided that the family members all reside in the same house. Well yes, even residents abroad must pay it if they still have a home in Italy where there is a television.

How to stop paying the RAI license fee?

Among the many methods offered by the web, not all of them are properly viable, legal and without consequences, but the definitive and safe solution is offered by Amazon.

Here is the Amazon purchase these days that allows you not to pay the RAI license fee: smart monitors

It is Amazon, the e-commerce giant, that provides intelligent solutions to avoid the tax. In fact, it simplifies the purchase of discounted devices that allow us to still enjoy television, but without having to pay the tax to the state television. It is indeed going on Black Fridaythe most awaited event in the world for shopping at advantageous prices.

The Amazon discounts, which this year are unleashed from November 18 to 28, also reach 70-80% less than the list price.

What to buy? Before filling the virtual cart, not to pay the RAI license fee we must get rid of any device equipped with a TV tuner that receives free-to-air television broadcasts via digital terrestrial or satellite equipment.

At this point, we must choose and buy a smart monitor among the many on offer. Precisely thanks to the “smart” features that make them connected and extremely versatile, they work not only as simple screens attached to the PC, but also as a replacement TV on which to enjoy all the available live and on demand streaming platforms, such as Dazn, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

It’s true, to go back to watching classic television programs we will have to use the RAI or Mediaset online platforms which are often full of advertising and slow to load, but in most cases we will be satisfied with streaming platforms. They allow you to see what you want, when you want. Often without annoying advertising, they offer lots of content for all tastes to be enjoyed at times that suit us best.

Dongles as a workaround

The second ad hoc solution for not paying the RAI license fee is that of buy an HDMI dongle. It is a small adapter to be connected to the HDMI port of the monitor (even non-smart) to transform it into a smart television. In fact, the device will allow us to access all the streaming platforms available, thus offering us the possibility of enjoying on-demand content whenever we want. Among the most popular dongles stands out the Amazon Fire TV Stick because, with a cost of only about 20 euros, it also allows viewing of free-to-air channels through the internet. Without RAI license fee, of course.

Just choose the model with controls for the TV and that’s it.

Here is the Amazon purchase these days that allows you not to pay the RAI license fee