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In recent years, humor in Burkina Faso has experienced a great emergence thanks to technology and social networks. A new wave of comedians called “Web-Comedians” are born everywhere and are as talented as each other. Of these, Kaboré Wendinguété Gimitri, better known as Wendinguété, stands out and struggles to find a place for himself in this environment. He is young, ambitious and hardworking. He reaps already a significant number of views and subscribers on social networks like Facebook in just one year of work. With videos made in French and Mooré, this new darling of web-humor has the dream of becoming a major actor in the cinema. He tells us about it in the following lines. Read !

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Burkina 24: Introduce yourself and tell us about your job as a web-comedian.

Wenduesummer: My name in civil status, Kaboré Wendinguété Gimitri known as Wendinguété on social networks as a web humorist. The profession of web humorist is a profession through which you produce videos with the aim of making the person who is watching you laugh through your video.

For the profession of web humorist, you have to bring together 2, 3 or 4 actors to tell the story in order to be able to make people laugh. It’s possible to do it alone but it’s not very elegant often. I started a year ago now.

B24: How is this profession changing in Burkina Faso? Is it promising?

Wenduesummer: I would say not bad. When you take from 2020 to 2022, you see that there are groups that are developing and not just simple groups but groups that really have talent. I think it’s still promising this area that is taking off. I chose it out of passion.

B24: Do you remember your first video?

Wenduesummer: My first video told the story of a guy who saw a girl who was sitting and he approached her to flirt with her. The girl was illiterate but she did not refuse his advances. Arrived at the stage of exchanging numbers, the girl asked the gentleman to record her name on the phone and the guy asked under what name he could do it so that she could find it easily.

She got to thinking and told him to put baby 33. That is to say the gentleman was the 33th person who came to put themselves on the list. The surprised and scared guy runs away and leaves the girl.

B24: Do you have taboo subjects?

Wenduesummer: I am apolitical, I am not religious. I once made the mistake of making a video that was about religion and I regretted it. It’s not that I had bad feedback but it was a bit sensitive, it was about Lent.

Many liked it but others said not to play because it’s very sensitive, so that’s why I removed it from my action plan. My videos are related to social and family facts and I focus a lot on awareness. I do so that a person who finishes following my video, learns something as a lesson at the same time.

B24: Do you have any benchmarks?

Wenduesummer: In the field of web comedy no, but in terms of cinema, we can say yes. Nationally, there is Hyppolite Ouangrawa called Ba-Bouanga, I really appreciate what he does, Agent Oyou, there is Chocho, there is Pagnagdé, to name but a few. .

Internationally, there is Michel Gohou whom I really appreciate. All these guys that I mentioned, when they play, you really feel the naturalness in them. This is what fascinates me and inspires me a lot. There is also Soum le sapeur who is a stage comedian and who is also a web comedian. I really appreciate this gentleman because he has this gift, in addition to the studies he has done, it is innate.

B24: What about collaboration?

Wenduesummer: I haven’t had to collaborate with another team since I started. I still had the chance to be congratulated by my predecessors, like the humorist Lajaguar and Soum the sapper, who promised me collaborations.

In the middle, you first have to fight to prove yourself. It’s my philosophy. At the moment, I am fighting. It’s like a process and I’m not at that level of collaboration yet.

B24: Why are you “closed” to collaborations?

Wenduesummer: Being closed is saying a lot. It’s not that I don’t want the collaborations, it’s just a matter of process. It’s not that I refuse them, I even want collaborations. I want us to say one day Wendinguété in collaboration with such a team, Wendinguété with his team who plays in this film, etc. But I haven’t reached that level yet. It’s my philosophy, not that I refuse. I’ve had to play with people in movies before I created my page.

B24: Do you live from your art? What difficulties do you encounter?

Wenduesummer: No, I don’t live from my art. The difficulties are generally financial, material. To tell the truth, I shoot with my own funds. I shoot with a laptop. Often to bring people together, you have to find fuel, food, water to drink, all that I bear alone.

B24: How do you manage to bear the loads?

Wendinguété: Before that, I was another person. I have another title, I am an instrumental artist. I play bass guitar. I accompany many local artists including Amety Meria, Dja Veritey, Clanabelle, Audrey, to name a few. Just to say that I live from this. This is what also allows me to manage the history of the web a little.

B24: Where does your inspiration come from for writing your texts?

Wenduesummer: Texts are often written along the way. From here I will wake up with a script. Because I am inspired a lot by what happens in life. I arrived this morning here, there was the elevator and the stairs and I found a scenario. I am naturally inspired like that. And when I have that inspiration, I take my laptop, record it, get home, write the idea down and try to develop it.

B24: How long do you take to produce your videos?

Wenduesummer: It depends. If the actors are dynamic and manage to reproduce the idea that I want to see in the video quickly, in 2 hours, we have finished a video. But when there are a lot of covers, we can take a day.

Wendinguété Burkinabè web-humorist
Wendinguété Burkinabè web-humorist

B24: What would you say to those who want to become Web-comedians?

Wenduesummer: For those who would like to embrace this career, I will tell them to come if they really like it. And they would like to become web-comedians one day, I encourage them to come because it’s a growing field. There is always room.

I think if you’re just tough, you’ll get there. Now concerning the predecessors, I would like to tell them that we must not forget to support the young people who are starting out. It’s encouraging just by a simple message.

B24: What are your plans for the future?

Wenduesummer: First of all, I would like to become a great Burkinabè actor. I’d also like to open a training institute for my little brothers, for people who love it and who don’t have the means to go to the big schools. Producing films, becoming a director are also part of my dreams…

Interview by Flora KARAMBIRI and Amira SANOU (Trainee)

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Here In Faso | Wendinguété, the rising new face of web-humor