“He continues to distribute gifts, but he also distributes hosts”: David Harbor’s Santa Claus in ‘Silent Night’ drinks, smokes and fights like ‘John Wick’

This Christmas, forget about Christmas carols and start getting to know the sweet Santa Claus for real. Premiere on December 2.

Silent Night it’s “a rare occasion to see Santa smoking, drinking, swearing, stabbing everyone he meets. It’s ridiculous and delicious.” This is how John Leguizamo defines the most atypical Christmas movie that you will find on these dates. David Harbour, directed by Tommy Wirkola, transforms the lovable man in red into an action hero who fights to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

In Silent NightSanta is “depressed, he feels lost and has lost faith in humanity”, defines Wirkola. “He believes that everything is focused on consumption, on toys and that people have forgotten what Christmas is about.” It is then that a group of mercenaries attack a wealthy family on Christmas Eve. Santa decides to act while establishing a beautiful relationship with the youngest of the family.

“We know Santa Claus as a jolly man in a red suit who comes down a chimney and gives presents to all the good boys and girls, but we don’t know much about him. He’s shrouded in mystery,” notes lead David Harbour, “This movie goes back to his past, where he wasn’t the nicest man, and uses some of that toughness to take down bad men. Yes, we see a very different Santa Claus this year.”

The curious thing is that he still has the same heart and the same Christmas spirit, he continues to do it for generosity, love and children, but, without a doubt, he not only gives gifts, he also distributes wafers

Getting into the skin of the wise Santa Claus costs. Harbor reached 130kg to bring the Christmas icon to life. “He gained weight for the movie and it was my turn to attack him. The last fight, with about 50 fists, was impossible,” recalls John Leguizamo, who plays the protagonist’s enemy. To add a level of complexity to it, he had to do it right after shooting season 4 of stranger thingsfor which he had had to lose weight until he reached 86 kg.

Not to mention that all those fight scenes were filmed wearing a not-so-light suit. “Being Santa Claus is very sweaty because you wear a lot of layers, padding… There is the suit, which is all hair and, in addition, I have a very long fake beard, a very long wig… It was brutal and I am not the best martial artist or the best fighter, so it was a very sweaty situation.” , confesses the actor.


If John Wick wore the Santa Claus suit

to get ahead Silent NightTommy Wirkola had the support of David Leitch, an expert in fighting scenes and fast pace, as his works show, john wick, Atomic either Bullet Train. Wirkola isn’t afraid to go a little too far either. theirs are Nazi Zombies (2009) or Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013). With this mixture, only a Santa Claus could come out distributing firewood.

“Part of the motivation was to create a Christmas movie that you haven’t seen before. It pays homage to a lot of Christmas movies, but at the same time offers something new and crazy,” explains the director, “How do we get Santa to take on mercenaries and get out alive? They had this idea of ​​going back to their Viking roots which I think is brilliant and in a weird way it made a lot of sense to me.”

They use the Christmas decorations to stoke the mercenaries, while Christmas carols play and Santa Claus deals out stab wounds to those who deserve it. And, on top of that, they do not lose the spirit of generosity and love that dominates the holidays. It doesn’t sound like your typical Christmas tape or like any other action movie. It is something else. “For it to be action and fun but with heart was what we expected,” says Harbour, “We spent a lot of time working on the heart of the movie, which is about this little girl who needs to believe in Santa Claus because she has family problems and needs believe in love. The curious thing about this crazy, funny and violent movie is that, at the end, you leave the cinema smiling and thinking about Christmas.“.

Silent Night arrives in Spanish cinemas on December 2.

“He continues to distribute gifts, but he also distributes hosts”: David Harbor’s Santa Claus in ‘Silent Night’ drinks, smokes and fights like ‘John Wick’