Gilles Rocca / After “Dancing with the Stars” and “L’Isola dei Famosi” is relaunched again on TV …

Gilles Rocca “naked for life”: the actor embarks on a new challenge

Gilles Rocca is among the competitor of “Naked for life“, The new television format conducted by Mara Maionchi with the collaboration of Marcello Sacchetta starting from Monday 12 September in prime time on Rai2. This is a docu-reality show that will see 12 famous contestants take the role of strippers, confronting them with dance and singing rehearsals. The objective of the program is quite another thing, since it wants to focus attention on important issues such as the prevention of breast and prostate cancer. Each famous person, in fact, will be asked to create a dance performance; later he will talk with the hostess and with some doctors invited to the program to talk about prevention.

Among the competitors of the first edition there is also Gilles Rocca, the actor who made himself known by the general public thanks to the Sanremo Festival. Then the great fame and popularity achieved by participating in cult programs such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “L’Isola dei Famosi”.

Gilles Rocca: it all started at the Sanremo Festival

Yet the “popularity” of Gilles Rocca it broke out thanks to the Sanremo Festival. It all happened in 2020 when Gilles found himself on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo to move the instruments during the cult scene of Morgan and Bugo. The two artists, as you will remember, had a fight with Bugo who left the stage after the “singing accusations” Morgan. Soon after, Morgan also left the stage with Amadeus amazed by the situation. At that moment Gilles found himself on stage and was immediately noticed by the social media audience which made him a celebrity. Then fame and success: the guests invited to the programs, the interviews up to participation in top Rai programs.

Also last year Rocca returned to work behind the scenes of the Sanremo Festival, also receiving the compliments of the conductor and artistic director Amadeus. “He is very good, he is the one who coordinates all the outings. He is now very famous, he made the Island, he won Dancing with the Stars and he is a fantastic guy and for Sanremo he is indispensable ”- said Ama referring to Gilles Occa who thanked him publicly. “Working alongside a great man like Amadeus is an honor for me” – said the actor who confessed – “to all the people who have asked me“ but. why after winning Ballando do you continue to work behind the scenes? But after making the island, don’t you mind working backstage? ”. Here is the answer: in this magical evening the work of a lifetime is summarized, there is the affection of the people with whom I have been collaborating for years, there is music, family, friendship. How could I give it up? Thanks to all the authors, to the director Stefano Coletta, to Drusilla Foer but above all thanks to the legendary Amadeus ”.


Gilles Rocca / After “Dancing with the Stars” and “L’Isola dei Famosi” is relaunched again on TV …