Four appointments dedicated to foster care: there are 82 minors in Piacenza with an ‘extra family’

Three meetings and a theatrical performance to talk about foster care. A reality for 82 children and minors of the Municipality of Piacenza, who can count on this important support during a difficult moment of their family of origin. In the coming weeks, at the Solidarity Emporium in via Primo Maggio and, for the last event, at the San Matteo theater, this important initiative will be held, proposed by the Association “On the part of children” odv in co-design with the Center for the families of the Municipality of Piacenza. The program was presented in the Municipality, by the councilor for Welfare, Nicoletta Corvi, together with Gaetana Marchi and Enrica Pavesi for the association “Dalla parte dei bambini”, and to the actress Silvia Frasson. There are four events to present the protagonists of foster care: the minor, “his family”, the foster family, the local social services, family associations.

Four meetings different from each other in terms of development and language, so as to be able to reach all those who are interested or simply curious to know the foster care.

Foster care is a temporary help and support intervention and consists in welcoming a minor to a family or a person available, if “his family” is going through a difficult time and is unable to take care of him alone. Foster care is a measure to guarantee a family for every minor, a family that is added and not replaced. The aim is to guarantee the child the attention, care and protection that is due to him as long as it is needed.

If in the first edition 2021 a reflection and a comparison in cultural terms, of thought and motivations were proposed, underlining the social and pedagogical value of foster care that have highlighted its positive value, in this second edition they want to show and to listen to the faces and voices of all the protagonists.
First appointment SATURDAY 17 SEPTEMBER, from 10 to 12 and 30 at the Emporio Solidale
Three voices: Dr. Chiara Sità, author of a research in which she gives a voice to the sons and daughters of the host families and to the minors welcomed; Morgana Tonoli, voice and face of a young entrusted author of a story for children that tells the family custody of her; Dr. Monica Staboli who focuses on a delicate form of foster care, and gives a voice to unaccompanied foreign minors.

Second appointment SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 4pm to 6.30pm at the Emporio Solidale
The language of cinema gives face and voice to the natural family, of origin of the minor, through the projection of a film followed by a moment of reflection and discussion conducted by a psychotherapist expert in family dynamics.

Third appointment SATURDAY 01 OCTOBER, from 10 to 12 and 30 at the Emporio Solidale
Foster families, territorial social services and family associations present themselves. Through a discussion table, the roles of each one will be outlined, as well as the relationships and connections that are indispensable to build.
We will give voice to the expectations and possible collaborations to support a foster care project.

Fourth appointment SATURDAY 08 OCTOBER, at the San Matteo Theater at 9pm
Faces and voices of all the protagonists intertwined in a whole new and unpublished story written specifically for the month of foster care 2022 by Silvia Frasson, author and actress of a theatrical show, who tells us, with her language, family foster care.

Four appointments dedicated to foster care: there are 82 minors in Piacenza with an ‘extra family’ –