Filmin premieres: October 2022

Filmin continues to offer us the best independent cinema and endless essential European series. In recent weeks, some productions as interesting as the year of discovery either The death of Dick Long. Now we look ahead to find out what they will be the premieres of Filmin in October 2022. And we are talking about a new month in which several works will arrive to take into account. At we want to talk to you about them.

Premiere series on Filmin in October 2022

Enemy of the people | Image courtesy of Filmin

We start by talking about the different Filmin series in October 2022. And it is that once again the platform offers us some of the online series that we should not miss throughout the month.

Enemy of the people: October 4

A journalist incurs the ire of her readers by trying to uncover the connection between the death of a local soccer star and a cryptocurrency plot. Seeking the truth, she risks not only her reputation, but also her life.

The world of fake news and cryptocurrencies come together in this eight-episode series about a journalist hated by her community who investigates the relationship between the death of an idolized soccer player and a corruption plot. With the Spaniards Aina Clotet, Raül Tortosa and Lluís Altés in the cast.

Europa Hotel: October 18

Heir to a luxury hotel, the son of a wealthy family, young Emil Dreesen seems destined for a bright future. Instead, he returns traumatized from World War I and faces the biggest challenge of his life.

4-episode miniseries about one of the most important hotel dynasties in Europe, the Dreesens. Directed by Thorsten M. Schmidt (“Divorce for Beginners”) and characters like Hitler or Charles Chaplin circulate through the hotel.

Blinded, Season 2: October 25

The successful Swedish thriller returns with Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela reprising their roles as financial journalist Bea Farkas and banker Peder Rooth, respectively. After Bea and Peder’s disastrous affair in the first season, Bea is now in Malta, investigating a new credit institution. In a chance reunion with Peder, sparks fly between them again.

Financial scandals and fiery romantic passions: The second season of the series that adapts the novel by Carolina Neurath recovers the wicks that made it a success with its first episodes.

Premiere films on Filmin in October 2022

Vortex | Image courtesy of Filmin

We continue with the different Movie premieres on Filmin during October 2022. Once again, the platform continues betting on auteur cinema that is worth taking into account.

Vortex: October 7

Vortex reflects on death through a split-screen depiction of a declining elderly couple. The loss of mental capacities separates people and transforms a shared space into a claustrophobic retreat that has little in common with home.

Gaspar Noé’s cinema, a regular at the best European festivals, is known for its high doses of LSD, sex and strobe lights. With “Vortex”, his latest film, the Franco-Argentine director shocks his audience with a radical change in tone and narrative strategy that bets on sensitivity and humanity. Noé abandons the provocation and explicitness of “Love”, “Irreversible” and “Clímax” to make way for a painful drama about the decline of an elderly couple, she with dementia and he with a complicated heart condition. The film had its world premiere in the Official Section of the Cannes Festival and was awarded the Zabaltegi – Tabakalera Prize at the San Sebastián Festival.

Vortex Critique

Moneyboys: October 7

Moneyboys | Image courtesy of Avalon

Fei makes a living in the big city by working as a prostitute. Her world comes crashing down when she realizes that her family accepts her money but not her way of life or her homosexuality. Heartbroken, Fei struggles to start a new life.

The most acclaimed LGTBI film of the year was released in theaters by Avalon in July after passing through the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival and has been a challenge for censorship in Taiwan.

Moneyboys Review

Francesca: October 7

It narrates the love story of the writer Camilo Castelo Branco for Fanny Owen, a girl of English origin who, for her part, falls in love with a companion, friend and rival of the writer, José Augusto.

Restored copy coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the film of this masterpiece by Manoel de Oliveira, unpublished until now in our country. Adapts the novel “Fanny Owen”, by the writer Agustina Bessa-Luís.

The Mom and the Whore: October 14

Alexandre is a cynical and selfish young bourgeois who lives in Paris. He is in a nihilistic phase of his existence: he does not study, he does not work and he is hardly interested in books or music. The only thing that interests him is women and, besides, he lives at his expense. Little by little he forms with Marie and Veronique, despite their initial resistance, an atypical ‘menage à trois’, which, for him, is absolutely satisfactory because it represents a balance between the sexual, the maternal and the material. At the same time, he is able to stay away from the feelings of frustration or discomfort that his behavior may provoke in his lovers.

One of the greatest films in cinema history, untraceable for nearly 50 years, returns in a restored print that honors its greatness. Jean-Pierre Léaud, Françoise Lebrun and Bernadette Lafont make up their love triangle, recite prodigious monologues and help us better understand the sentimental journey of a country after its May 68.

Fantasies of a Writer: October 14

London, 1987. Philip is a famous American writer living in exile in London. His mistress regularly visits him at his office, a haven for the two lovers. There they make love, argue, reconcile and talk for hours about the women who mark their lives, about sex, anti-Semitism, literature and staying true to oneself.

Léa Seydoux and Denis Denis Podalydès star in the latest film by Arnaud Desplechin (“Three Memories of My Youth”), which adapts the novel “Deception”, written by Philip Roth in 1990.

Close to your enemy: October 28

January 1990. Germany is about to be reunited. The moribund regime of the GDR turns against its own leader: former head of state Erich Honecker who faces charges of treason. Left to his fate, he will find refuge in the house of a Protestant pastor with whom he will confront morality and politics.

Based on real events and interviews with the testimonies of the time, this exciting dramatic film tells what happened to those who held power after the fall of the Wall that divided a nation.

The third meeting: October 28

The film follows a group of interconnected friends and family as they fall in and out of love, cross the lines between being friends and being partners, and interrogate their own feelings and desires in hopes of finding some degree of elusive happiness.

Tadashi Nohara, screenwriter of films such as “Happy Hour” (Ryusuke Hamaguchi, 2015) or “The Spy’s Wife” (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2020), directs this drama that participated in the Tokyo Film Festival.

Premiere documentaries on Filmin in October 2022

Blvd! To Hollywood Story | Image courtesy of Filmin

We end this article by talking about the Filmin documentaries in October 2022. A month in which a production stands out that will dazzle those of us who really love the seventh art.

Blvd! To Hollywood Story: October 21

Dickson Hughes and Richard Stapley, two young songwriters and a romantic couple, get caught up in the web of movie star Gloria Swanson when she hires them to write a musical version of “Twilight of the Gods.” Life imitates art when Gloria falls in love with Richard, and the two men find themselves living a real-life version of the classic movie.

Documentary directed by Jeffrey Schwarz (“I Am Divine”) about the true story of Gloria Swanson’s attempt to turn “Twilight of the Gods” into a musical and the relationship between the actress and the two composers who were to put the project in motion . Without a doubt one of the most interesting Filmin premieres in October 2022.

These have been the ones we consider the best premieres of Filmin in October 2022. In our Filmin section you can keep up to date with other news on the platform as well as the reviews that we will upload of these productions. Also remember that we also recommend combining these releases with those you will have in theaters in October, Disney plus, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix or Movistar plus+. Remember that you can also take a look at all the blu-ray and DVD news from October 2022.

Filmin premieres: October 2022