Film at the cinema from November 24th

Ten new films are out in our cinemas this week.

Films at the cinema from 24 November: Italian films

One of the most anticipated films of the week is definitely “Bones and All” from Luca Guadagnino with Timothee Chalametin his second film with the Italian director, Chloe Sevigny And Mark Rylance. When Maren and Lee get to know each other, they discover the emotions of first love. She is a girl on the margins of society who is looking for a way to live, he, a young wanderer with deep feelings. Despite their best efforts, the path will lead them back to their painful past and to a final battle that will determine whether their love can survive their diversity.

Presented at the Rome Film Fest, it is released today at the cinema “California” by Cinzia Bomoll with the narrative voice of the great late actress Piera degli Esposti. California is a frontier area in the province of Emilia, from which two identical twins Ester and Alice (the Provvedi twins of the duo “Le Donatelle”) dream of escaping together. Everything changes when a Chilean boy arrives in their country.

Bonecrusher” is a film by Vincenzo Pirrotta, presented in the Giornate degli Autori at the 79th Venice Film Festival. Set on the outskirts of Palermo, inside a warehouse, a real business takes place, set up by an improvised criminal organization. The profit derives from breaking the limbs of consenting people with a suitcase full of weights, who, once they have irreparably injured their legs or arms, ask for money in compensation from the State.

Movies at the cinema from November 24: the other releases

From the creators of “Enchanted” was released yesterday at the cinema “Strange World – A mysterious world”. This new animated film from Disney follows the Clades, a family of famous explorers. In this wonderful last mission the family will have to contend with uncharted lands and fantastic creatures.

Russell Crowe returns to directing with the thriller “Pokerface” presented for the first time at the Rome Film Fest where he also held a Masterclass. Jake Foley, played by himself, offers his old friends the chance for a big cash win. But in return they will have to open up completely to him. A game of poker with very high stakes for everyone, including Jake who knows he will die soon.

From France comes the drama “A voice out of the chorus” by Yohan Manca. Nour is the youngest of four siblings. After the death of their father and their sick mother, they begin to work occasionally, making do as they can. Nour is also determined to get involved to contribute to the family economy until he meets a singing teacher. Thanks to her he will discover a new world away from the one in which he grew up.

Also from France, a story of friendship and fraternity arrives in our cinemas with the film “Tori and Lokita” by the Dardenne brothers, also awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Lokita upon his arrival in Europe meets another child Tori. She comes from Cameroon, he from Benin but beyond that they soon became brother and sister. For the laws of Belgium, however, they have to prove it and it will not be so easy.

For horror lovers this week “The Devil’s Eyes” directed by Daniel Stamm is out at the cinema. Sister Ann is a sister who follows exorcism courses in a special school created by the Vatican Church. Though she follows her calling she will soon encounter the eyes of the devil and what she will see will baffle her. In fact, her gift will put her in danger because the demonic forces she will face are connected to her past.

Films at the cinema from 24 November: documentaries

Two documentaries where people’s moods are highlighted are also out this week.

On the one hand we find “Fortuna Granda” directed by Francesca Sironi and Alberto Gottardo. The film is set in Goro on the Po delta where most of the residents work in the collection of clams. The film follows the story of some teenagers enrolled in a professional institute who will have to deal with their future between school and work.

On the other hand we always remain in Italy but down in Campania. “Via Argine 310” by Giancarlo Pannone follows the story of the workers of the Whirlpool plant in Naples during the spring of 2021 while the plant was in danger of closing down. Through the interviews of the director and actor Alessandro Siani the human and work affairs of the workers placed on layoffs are placed in front of the camera outside the garrison.

Thomas Barile


Film at the cinema from November 24th