Film at the cinema from November 17th

Third appointment for this month of November with nine new films to be released in our cinemas.

Films at the cinema from November 17: the most awaited

Marco Giallini is the protagonist of the comedy directed by Edoardo Falcone “The prince of Rome”. In Rome in 1829, Bartolomeo, a wealthy and greedy man, wishes at all costs to become a nobleman. For this to happen he must marry the daughter of a prince. In an attempt to recover the money necessary to achieve his goal, he will make an incredible journey that will take him between the past, present and future.

Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy And Nicholas Hoult are the protagonists of the film directed by Mark Mylod “The Menu”. A couple reaches a coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant. But the chef has come up with a sumptuous menu, with some shocking surprises.

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack!” is the second chapter dedicated to the famous thief directed by the Manetti Bros. Unlike the first chapter, Giacomo Gianniotti replaces Luca Marinelli while they will return Miriam Leone And Valerio Mastandrea. In Clerville, the unstoppable Inspector Ginko continues to hunt down his lifelong enemy Diabolik. The scene will also be embellished by Altea, played by Monica Belluccieternal girlfriend of the inspector.

Film at the cinema from November 17: other Italian releases

“Princess” is a human story by director Roberto De Paolis in his second feature film. Princess is a nineteen year old who comes from Nigeria and is forced to sell her body in the Roman suburbs. Her daily life is made up of meetings with occasional clients and relationships with other girls in her condition. One day she is approached by a man who seems to want to help her, but she will have to be the first to want to save her.

A month before Christmas comes the comedy by Alberto Ferrari with Raul BovaSerena Autieri and Francesco Pannofino among the protagonists “The Christmas Show”. After the loss of the head of the family, the Rovatis no longer celebrate Christmas. Next to them lives Pierre a writer in love with the family widow. Their life is turned upside down when they become part of a Christmas-themed reality show. Soon all their personal and relationship secrets will be showcased on live television.

Edoardo Pesce and Yothin Clavenzani are the protagonists of “Ghost night” by Fulvio Risuleo presented in the Extra Horizons section at the Venice Film Festival 2022. The young Tarek bought smoke in San Lorenzo in Rome for an evening with his friends. Stopped by a plainclothes policeman, the boy finds himself spending the night with him in the car without understanding what to do.

Movies at the cinema from November 17: the other releases

From France comes the drama directed by Claire Denis with Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon “Sentimental crossings”. Sara and Jean have been a couple for ten years now. After spending a holiday on her return, Sara gets a job offer from her ex-boyfriend. Over time this apparently hidden presence will instead prove to be a testing ground for the two.

Mrs Harris goes to Parisis a period comedy directed and produced by Anthony Fabian based on the novel of the same name written by Paul Gallico. The film tells the story of a simple English housewife who decides to fulfill her greatest wish: to wear a haute couture dress from the Dior maison.

After the first trilogy comes new adventures and a new generation with the family film “Belle & Sebastien: Next Generation” directed by Pierre Coré. Sébastien is ten years old and is forced to spend his summer holidays in the mountains with his grandmother and aunt. The days all seem the same until he meets Belle, a sheepdog abused by his owner. Sébastien will do anything to protect his new friend and this will turn his vacation into something incredible.

Thomas Barile


Film at the cinema from November 17th