Fabio and Gilda, the mayor

SAN ZENONE – “Do not forget me” is much more than a short film. IS a journey into Alzheimer’s disease written and directed by Fabio Marin, mayor of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, which on Friday won the award for best experimental film at the Verona International Film Festival. The umpteenth success after last year’s first prize, in Rome, at the Mescalito Biopic Fest, after winning the special mention at the Visioni dal Mondo festival in Milan and after being selected as a finalist in numerous other national and international competitions. Mayor Marin wanted to tell a story lived on his skin, given that the mother Gilda was ill with Alzheimer’s and left it in 2018, when the idea of ​​the short film had already been realized, even if not yet finalized.


The idea was born a few years ago when in various clinical discussions the doctors repeated to me how complex it was to communicate with the relatives of those suffering from Alzheimer’s, because the onset of this disease is like an exploding bomb, which crumbles the balance and it creates a wall made of fears, modesty and suffering. I thought it might be important to transform this “wall” into a message: initially, when my mother was still alive, the idea was to create a story of how the illness began in the family and how it continued, but nothing convinced me . So I also thought of involving my friend and director Giuseppe Petruzzellis with whom we shared the idea of ​​creating something that would allow the viewer to ideally enter the head of an Alzheimer’s patient. Marin explains The work was long and complex. IS lasted 4 years, during which I wrote and rewrote the story many times until the final short film: a set of images and sounds that have nothing to do with my mother, but which signify confusion and pain, illness and love present before, after and during.


Twelve minutes that summarize the story of a woman, Gilda, and her family, but also that of many other people and families struggling with this disease. Gilda was a middle-aged woman, a mother and a wife who one day found she was having difficulty setting the table. They were the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s, where the memory turns into a broken tape in which everything disappears. “Forget me not” she thus wants to represent love as the only grip to reality, as a tool to alleviate suffering. It is an experimental and unconventional documentary. In addition to archival materials about my mom’s life, there are also evocative images and fictional footage. It is a style that combines documentary with video art. Thus we enter the disease, also exploring the emotional and psychological dimension of the condition of those with Alzheimer’s. The 21st of September will be the world day of this disease and on Friday the mayor Marin will be a guest in Spresiano on the occasion of the Alzheimer coffee evenings in which his short film will also be screened.

Fabio and Gilda, the mayor-director tells about his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease and wins the “Verona film festival” as best “short”