Explanation of Davon’s Walking Dead Timeline and Heath Connection

Episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead spins a twisted thread in which Davon must reconstruct his memory: here’s how his story relates to Heath’s disappearance from The Walking Dead and how his timeline unfolds … this time in chronological order. Grieving pet owners, undead time loops, proto-Alphas and glimpses of the future: now Episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead is diving into psychological thriller territory. Jessie T. Usher trades the sprinters superheroes in The Boys for crawling corpses, waking up handcuffed to a zombie in a forest while an entire village hunts him.

Unfortunately, our protagonist has no memory of how he ended up in this situation. As the episode progresses, Davon gradually pulls recent events together until he finally remembers what happened over the past seven weeks. Episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead then plunges into a series of disorienting flashbacks intertwined with events present in the same places. Predictably, the Davon episode is not easy to follow.

Rather than starting in the middle and simultaneously revealing the past and future as Episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead does, this explains Davon’s judicial error in complete chronological order and why his backstory ties into the infamous missing Heath of. The Walking Dead.

What Davon was doing before Tales Of The Walking Dead Episode 5

Seven weeks before the start of episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead, Jessie T. Usher’s Davon is traveling through a wood near Madawaska, Maine. She apparently she is alone and is heading to Montreal, implicitly trying to reunite with a family that may or may not be alive. Despite the fact that he carries a gun, the kind Davon refuses to shoot a mysterious assailant, but the mysterious attacker has no such qualms and leaves Davon bleeding with a significant leg wound. In addition to a family photograph, Davon’s personal items include a “PPP” key card, which previously appeared on The Walking Dead after Heath’s disappearance. This clue could imply that Davon was once employed by the Civic Republic Army – the helicopter group confirmed to be Heath’s kidnappers.

Davon’s last seven weeks

The wounded Davon is taken away by his sisters Amanda and Nora, who have established a walled community far from civilization. They kindly offer their new guest a replacement leg and a new pair of glasses. Amanda teaches Davon something philosophical about killing fish, as he and Nora romantically approach piano lessons and oddly shaped strawberries. Unbeknownst to Davon, Amanda’s son Arnaud is already looking at him suspiciously.

While going about his business by reading one day, Davon hears a boy’s voice coming from an air vent. Following the sound, he discovers Nora Garen’s young son and another child chained in the basement, but is interrupted by Amanda – who she knows about little prisoners – before she can raise the alarm. The two handcuff together during a violent fight that ends with the community leader falling in acid, but then the real culprit arrives: Amanda’s son Arnaud. Teenage terror knocks Davon out of action, then presumably runs out to tell the other villagers that their newcomer is a killer. A stunned Jessie T. Usher staggers out carrying Amanda’s body and screams faintly for help, but she collapses into the forest.

Davon’s timeline in The Walking Dead Episode 5

The current timeline of episode 5 of Tales of the Walking Dead then begins correctly, with Davon fleeing the angry crowd while still hallucinating from the head injury. These wild visions help Davon recover his memories, as the past seven weeks have become utterly confusing. The fictional voice of a zombified Amanda takes Jessie T. Usher’s protagonist back to her old house, then down to the basement where a zombified prisoner is now rotting. Although Davon’s untrustworthy mind sees Amanda attack him at this point, Tales of the Walking Dead implies that his hero from Episode 5 was captured by angry villagers while exploring the basement, because he is then seen tied up outside by the angry mob.

Escaping a vehicular execution, Davon finds out where Garen is now, remembers the rest of his recent timeline, and reconstructs that Arnaud is the real killer, leading the screaming villagers to turn their hatred towards Amanda’s unbalanced son.

How Davon is related to The Walking Dead’s moorland

In addition to the family photo Davon keeps in his boot, Tales of the Walking Dead very briefly displays a magnetic key marked “PPP” among his prized possessions. The exact same card was picked up by The Walking Dead’s Tara Chambler when she discovered Heath was missing, drawing a direct link between the main show and her latest spin-off of hers. Tales of the Walking Dead episode 5 never specifies exactly where Davon’s story is happening in the franchise timeline, so it’s entirely possible that he is leaving Amanda’s community, being somehow involved in Heath’s disappearance, and dropping the card. PPP intentionally as a sign or by accident. Alternatively, the PPP card can represent a type of identification which means that Davon works / works for the group that captured Heath. Since Angela Kang (The Walking Dead showrunner) has confirmed Heath has been taken by CRM, Jessie T. Usher’s Davon may be hiding a ties to the Civic Republic.

Tales of the Walking Dead continues on Sunday on AMC.

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