Excluded. “I clearly didn’t sign up for that!” : Agnès Pavoni (Large families, life in XXL) looks back on her arrival on the show

The adventures of Large families living in XXL continue with new faces. Since Monday, May 16, the Pavoni appear in the docu-reality with their four boys: Julian 10 years, Gianni8 years, Romeo4 years old, and Lissandro, then 20 months old. These bon vivants with a singing accent are from Vaucluse and are preparing to welcome a little girl. 9 months pregnant at the time of filming, Agnes35, explained the reasons for her appearance on the hit TF1 show.

Tele-Loisirs.fr : how were you spotted for Large Families?

Agnes Pavoni: when i announced my pregnancy to my relatives, my mom and my sister told me that i had to subscribe to this show because i really have a life at 100 an hour, with a family atypical. I took it as a joke, but I applied anyway without telling anyone. I sent a photo and a short description of my family to the casting agency. 3 days later, I received a message telling me that she loved my presentation. I therefore had to announce to Romain and the children that I had registered them for a casting and that they had been selected for the first stage. Everyone was very happy with the news.

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What do you like about this program?

He has a very comforting side. Admittedly, we are a large family, but we laugh and get angry, like everyone else. For us, it is important to show that sometimes everything is not all rosy. We all go through, as parents, the same trials, the same difficulties and the same happiness. Some might say:hey, they too have trouble putting their children to sleep at night”. In that sense, I find the program reassuring. We realize that we are not alone in certain situations.

Do you watch it before appearing there?

No, we didn’t necessarily watch the show. My husband, not at all, because I think it’s more of a program for moms, even if there are a lot of men who can identify with it. I happened to watch replays on Friday nights when the kids were in bed. But to be honest, at 5:30 p.m., I’m not sitting on my couch, but rather in the rush between homework and meal preparation.

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How was this first experience on TV?

It’s very impressive the first day. We are not at all used to this environment. We were lucky to be with such a nice film crew. She had a very pedagogical approach with the children. They were able to test the camera, the buttons for the sound. It immediately familiarized them. They clearly loved those moments.

What did you think of the first episode broadcast last Monday, is it faithful to the reality of the days and bedtimes at home?

We were so excited we even previewed it on Salto. I must tell you that we were pleasantly surprised by the editing of the sequences. We totally recognized each other, it’s really our daily life.

A daily life that is about to change with the notoriety inherent in the show! Have you ever received professional opportunities on social networks?

I wasn’t on Instagram at all before I started the show. Afterwards, it is sure that there are plenty of professional possibilities available to us, once we have visibility. Of course, that’s something I don’t rule out, because in life you have to be opportunistic and seize the right opportunities when they come your way. Now I’m not waiting for that. Currently, I am creating my own structure myself, if product placements can be an extra, I will not say no. But I’m not betting everything on influence, because with this job you don’t know what tomorrow holds. It’s not my first plan, but a very good plan B. In any case, I clearly didn’t sign up for the show for that!

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At the end of your maternity leave, do you plan to return to work?

Yes, we are very active with Romain. We are always overflowing with projects. And it’s true that after several years of taking full-time care of my children, my husband (laughs) and my house, I want to find this professional aspect. I created my own company so that I could continue to work from home. My priority is and will remain my children. By being my own business manager, it allows me to be available for them at any time.

What does it consist on ?

It is an e-commerce site in beauty and well-being. My husband, whom I find very handsome (laughs), takes great care of his hair and beard. So there will be a corner dedicated to men, a universe for women, and another for children. I will sell products that correspond to our values, but my little extra is that I will also create a range of cosmetics. It takes a little time with all the laboratory tests… It will be aimed at children and mothers. This project is therefore centered around the mother-daughter relationship that I have with my newborn, which inspires me enormously.

Excluded. “I clearly didn’t sign up for that!” : Agnès Pavoni (Large families, life in XXL) looks back on her arrival on the show