Marisol Galvez clarified that although there is a monthly payment to the adolescent, this is not an established alimony and that despite his efforts, Israel has not seen his daughter.

After the television host Mauricio Israel Marisol Gálvez had a tense encounter with Savka Pollak live, his ex-partner, Marisol Gálvez, He wanted to make transparent the relationship that the sports commentator has with his daughter.

in conversation with publimeterGálvez recalled Israel’s joy at being a father in 2007, noting that “he was with her 24/7. They slept together. He would go to the program and come back cracked. He was an excellent dad, but for a year and four months.”

And it is that everything changed in 2008, when different debts broke out against the sports commentator, who decided to leave the country right then and there. Thus, Gálvez had to face the loss of his house and various liens.

Also, his communication with Israel was diminishing. Then, when Israel was still far from national land, the medium assures, the entertainer sued Gálvez to ensure his daughter’s visits outside the country.

Specifically, they had reached an agreement to make a trip in winter, another in summer and the end of the year parties in between. However, Israel would have failed “on more than one occasion” regarding these visits.

“That year he was getting married in Colombia and he came to distribute the marriage certificates. Sarita is supposed to be going to the wedding, but she didn’t come looking for her. she stayed waiting for him with the suitcases packed and a princess dress”, lamented Gálvez.

According to the woman, “Mauricio was transformed. He stopped being that person who was so fond of Sara and he started getting cold.. I complied with buying the uniform, the supplies, but I took care of everything else ”.

Likewise, Gálvez assures that, in the end, it was she who insisted on being able to have a father-daughter bond.

Regarding the tense crossing of Savka Pollak with Mauricio Israel last week, where Israel accused that he was not allowed to see his daughter despite paying alimony, Gálvez assured that “Since he arrived in Chile in December of last year, he has not seen her.”

“The only thing Sarita wanted was to see him, but she was very nervous and it made her nervous to get together with him alone. He didn’t understand that, she thought she mistrusted him and that’s where her broom was left. She searched for him a lot, but has not had an answer. He has had a very bad time,” he lamented.

Similarly, the ex-partner of the driver of Central circle confirmed that he provides economic contributions, but that to date there is no established alimony.

“Mauricio gives him an amount that he or the family, I don’t know who, decided to give him that amount. The problem is that it is not enough. Now she’s a teenager, she has other needs and many things have had to be banned,” he commented.

Regarding this, he clarified that the adolescent left his childhood school for a public school, does not have an Isapre, among other things, although he assures that the monetary contribution is not the most important thing.

I would very much like to have a fatherly relationship with him, so that Sara is not the spokesperson for both. That hurts him very badly, but I have no way to communicate with him. He always talks bad about me, but I want to make it clear that I have never forbidden him to see her, never, “she closed.

Ex-partner of Mauricio Israel accuses no relationship with his daughter: