Enrico Vanzina, in Storie Italiane remembers his brother and father in tears: “We were happy”

Henry Vanzinahost of Eleanor Daniel to Italian stories, he told himself between memories, sets and family. In a long interview with the director, moments of great emotion were not lacking. Especially when the topic dealt with was that of brother Charles.

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“We were happy»

“When you do the cinema on an ongoing basis you lose a bit the sense between reality and film. My brother used to say a very beautiful thing, that he preferred cinema to life, because in cinema there is the happy ending and in life almost never. Living in the cinema means not only giving away, trying to bring some emotions to others, but lead them into different worlds, but while you do it you too enter. I would tell Carlo today to be calm, that everything goes on here, as he wanted. He wanted us to remember you as simple people who told about this country. And I try, I continue. I don’t feel alone, I love people, and people help me a lot,” says a Henry Vanzina visibly moved. “He was a very balanced man who knew his frailties and his faults. I have come to the conclusion that what makes us unhappy is not knowing how to accept our limits. And he knew how to do it, his limitations were compensated for by his intelligence which was almost superior ». Letting go to tears, he then commented on some images of their childhood: «It’s a world of memories, I liked seeing that world of children again, it’s something magical. I remember that we were happy», he said crying to Eleonora Daniele, concluding: «You want to make me cry, but I’m also very strong, I did boxing», hinting at a smile.

His movies

Henry Vanzina, then, going over a roundup of his films, spoke of his work: «I’m not the right person to judge what I’ve done. We have certainly ‘tailed’ the Italians, we have looked at them with great affection, great love, we have observed their fragility without ever making moral judgments, because People are wonderful, in their fragility and in their greatness”. Without forgetting also the Master and great friend Gigi Proietti: “A friend, one of the greatest talents I’ve ever known.” But for him the moments of emotion are not over yet.

Papa Steno

One more moment of emotion in front of the images of an interview by father Steno, proud of his children’s success: «It affects me. My dad’s voice is in my head, when I see him I’m moved and emotional. I always say, it’s as if there were a restaurant called ‘Steno, Carlo and Enrico’. In this restaurant there is no more Steno, there is no more Carlo, I’m left. And I have to serve at the table, cook, do the bill, but the menu is always the same. So I am moved by the idea that he has left me something that goes beyond affection and a sense of fatherhood. He just left me one missionand this is very beautiful».

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Enrico Vanzina, in Storie Italiane remembers his brother and father in tears: “We were happy”