Dear Pino, the artist can only cheer on the left: from Cinquetti to Sandrelli is a film already seen

The violent attacks continue, not only on social media, against Pino I teach, “Guilty” of having taken the stage in Piazza del Popolo and presented Giorgia Meloni: the fault of the popular artist is that of not having made a commercial on the left. In Italy it works like this: it can be done the endorsement (a disgraceful English term but almost untranslatable) only for the heir parties of the PCI or connected to them. Whoever takes the other side must be hit and sunk. Or at least ridiculed.

A few examples? In the same hours, Stefania Sandrelli he recorded a video in which he invited people to vote Emma Bonino and his list More Europe. Has anyone criticized it? You have read insults, insults, even fact checking, on what he said, how did they do with Pino Insegno? No. Because the artist who sided with the left chose the “right side”. The part of the masters of steam. In fact, no one has rightly batted an eyelid or even questioned the artistic qualities of the protagonist of The key and many other classics of Italian cinema. On the other hand, if you side with the right, even your artistic and professional career is suddenly called into question. Delusional, but true.

The artist either says he is left-wing or must be silent: the lesson of Cinquetti

It will be said: but Pino Insegno took the stage of a rally, he lined up in the square. For the forgetful: you know Gigliola Cinquetti, I’m not old? The singer (at the time also Rai presenter) was the speaker of the Olive tree for the electoral campaign of Romano Prodi 2006. It was she who moderated the Yellow truck of the Professor. Do you remember her? And it was Cinquetti to act as political testimonial. Nobody dared to blink. She was a family friend of Arturo Parisi, Prodi’s right arm and that friendship did not prevent her from conducting the broadcast Elixir in Rai. TO Pino I teach, instead, guilty of being a friend of Meloni, the spaces in the “yellow and red” Rai have been closed, but this is a whole other story.

More or less like Pino Insegno was also attacked Laura Pausini. The most famous Italian singer in the world has not even said to vote right. She gets insults since she refused to sing Hello beautiful. Luckily the song in question is a hymn to freedom. The freedom not to sing it is not provided. In short, the film has already been seen: for the left, one is free, one is cultured, one is intelligent, one is an artist, only if one thinks of it as they like.

The fear of Incontrada and the eve of Cruciani

The actor reiterated this in these hours Giorgio Pasotti, speaking of artists who join the bandwagon of the left just to work. Some mischievous observers have noticed that the actor shot one of the most successful fiction series alongside Vanessa Incontrada. The same actress who recently said “scared”From a possible victory for Meloni. It would come to answer you with Giuseppe Cruciani: the conductor de There Mosquito he said he was waiting for the center-right to win just to see the faces of these VIPs, the day after September 25th. While you wait, prepare the popcorn.

Dear Pino, the artist can only cheer on the left: from Cinquetti to Sandrelli is a film already seen – Secolo d’Italia