Coki Gonzales told why they accuse him of using drugs: “It has caused problems in my life”

Coki Gonzales responds to accusations that he uses drugs. YouTube Carlos Orozco

Coki Gonzales, a Latina sportswriter, was embroiled a few years ago in accusations that he was allegedly a cocaine user. In an interview on the channel Youtube by Carlos Orozco, the figure told how these rumors were born and how they affected his work and family life.

The interviewer began by touching on the subject by saying that he had found out about the driver’s life and they had confirmed two things: “He is from Alianza and he is not a coquero.” The communicator said that to this day they accuse him of consuming drugs.

However, Gonzales denied the rumors, assuring that he would submit to the exams: “I tell you one thing, I submit to whoever they want, hair, nostrils, nostril hair, spinal cord, blood, whatever they want. And if I test positive for having used cocaine at some time in my life, that same day, I swear by my dad who is in heaven, I retire from the journalism”.

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He added that no one can accuse him of these facts, because he has never done so in his life. In turn, he acknowledged that those claims have gotten him into trouble. “They have caused problems in my life, on the channel, at work, with my daughters. They tell me, tell us the truth, there are many attacks, why don’t you respond, ”he said.

But how come these rumors are born? Coki himself remembers that everything was born from a problem he had with his co-worker and friend, Carlos Alberto Navarro. They were so friendly, to the point of telling each other personal things.

Carlos Alberto Navarro: fight with Coki Gonzales was prosecuted.

“They accused me of many things, but they had never accused me of drugs, until Navarro slipped it into his program. The process is in the Judiciary, because I have sued him for defamation, slander and perjury. It happened in 2016, I ignored it and opened the process in 2017 ″, he commented.

He recalled that at that time Navarro was fired from tv perufor his participation in a press conference where he criticized the then coach Ricardo Gareca for his nickname ‘Tiger’. Gonzales says that first they suspended him and Navarro went to a program with Philip Butters on Capital radio and spoke ill of the television manager of his channel. Then the state television station decides to separate it.

According to Coki, it is at that moment that the “Tigrillo” begins to attack him. “He fights with me, and he talks about me on the radio. I ignored him and we stopped talking. In 2016, his mother passed away. Charles Albert. I had him blocked from everything, but I sent him a text saying ‘Black, there are situations that outweigh any difference. I send you a hug’. And he answered me: ‘Up to here I feel your hug, my crazy’. Supposedly we had smoothed out rough edges, ”he commented on the channel Youtube.

In 2017, Navarro spoke of Gonzales again, according to the journalist. That day they met in the videnain an interview with gareca. Due to coincidences in life, Coki’s turn was after ‘Tigrillo’.

“I see him and he tells me: ‘My crazy’. And I approached him and told him about everything, I couldn’t shout because the Argentine coach was next to him, but I insulted him again. Heavy gauge words to him. Y [le dije] I give you the money you owe me, you need it”, says the driver.

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Hours later, on his radio show, Navarro said that gonzales they had thrown a coin at him, which he had messed with his daughters, and then he said a phrase that triggered the rumor. According to Coki, Navarro said: “I don’t go to therapy, I don’t take drugs, I don’t go to the psychologist.”

The presenter of Latina points out that he said that because he had told him years ago that he had resorted to therapy with a psychologist and was on medication because his father died and he entered a strong depression. “That paints him whole body. If I hadn’t gone to therapy I don’t know what my life would have been like. My dad was my best friend. He affected me greatly and it hurt me that he exposes it ”.

As a result of this fact, they begin to attack him as a drug addict. “They had told me a thousand attacks. if they tell me drunk, I am, normal. I like my chela. But don’t tell me that. The only thing I hope is that the Judicial Power resolves”.


Coki Gonzales told why they accuse him of using drugs: “It has caused problems in my life”