Clémence Castel: her “priority” condition to participate in Dancing with the stars 2022

She is the woman of all challenges! After two victories in Koh Lanta in 2005 and 2018 in four participations, Clemence Castel37, has just won the first edition of the traitors, the new role-playing game broadcast this summer on M6. But the rest was short-lived as she decided to take on a new challenge. She is one of the personalities competing in the new season of Dance with the stars. For Tele-Leisure, the young woman confides in her media career, her professional ambitions and lifts the veil on her life outside of television.

“On Dance with the starsI’m starting from zero!”

Why did you agree to participate in Dance with the stars ?

I wanted to launch a personal challenge in a field that I do not know. I did Koh Lanta four times, I think I’ve gone through it, and Dance with the stars piqued my curiosity. I’ve been watching the show for years and it makes me dream. Even if it is very far from my centers of interest, the emotions through the dance touch me. I have already had tears in my eyes watching this program. I had already passed the casting in 2018 but I had not been selected. Today, I have more self-confidence and I am more demonstrative. I feel ready!

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What do you want to show by participating?

I want to prove that I can have an honorable career starting from zero. I’m comfortable with my body, I have the rhythm, but what I miss is the technique. My motivation is flawless and I will give myself the means to improve. We’ll see how far it takes me. It’s exciting and stressful at the same time.

Candidates often get injured. How are you going to avoid this pitfall?

I work a lot on my flexibility because it’s my weak point. I also train in front of my mirror to have graceful gestures. I do muscle building and sheathing to be in shape, to take training and above all not to hurt myself. Former candidates warned me that the pace was going to be sustained. My only mistake is maybe not having taken dance lessons before.

“My children are my priority”

You will be away from your children, Louis (11 years old) and Marin (7 years old) during the adventure. How do you live this separation?

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It’s different from Koh Lanta, where you leave for a month or two without having any contact with your loved ones. I have my sons every other week because they also live with their dad [Mathieu Johann, ancien candidat de Star Academy, NDLR], they are therefore accustomed to a regular separation. For Dance with the stars, as I live in Cherbourg, we organized ourselves so that they come to Paris, that it doesn’t upset them too much and that they miss school as little as possible despite a day here and there. This is my priority! It’s important that we’re together. We took an apartment for a few weeks. Marie, my partner, will take care of the family and professional logistics. I admire her, she really has a lot of courage. Without her, I couldn’t do all of this. She is a great support to me.

This year, you will have participated in Fort Boyard, Traitors and Dance with the stars. Aren’t you overdoing it a bit?

When my participation in Dance with the stars was announced, I read comments like ‘We see her too much’… However, I don’t feel like I’m monopolizing the media space! [Elle rit.] My subscribers are rather happy and curious to see me in another context. They believe in me, so I hope not to disappoint them. Their reactions encourage me to continue and be myself. I will do everything to be as authentic as possible and show that I can be sassy.

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How do your children perceive your career in television?

They look at me and it’s always a friendly moment. But our life is normal and doesn’t revolve around TV. My sons go to a small school where everyone knows me. They’re used to people stopping me on the street to take a picture.

“Not betting everything on TV allows me to make the right choices”

What do you do for a living outside of TV ?

I manage a café-concert and a nightclub in Normandy. Marie, my partner, is a nuclear engineer. She took a year off to work with me. Together, we opened one of the establishments that I manage. This balance suits me because doing Koh Lanta is not a job. I made money from the show but I continue to work to keep my feet on the ground and set an example for my sons. Not betting everything on TV allows me to make the right choices. I have already refused proposals that I did not feel. I don’t run after projects, but if it’s to live an adventure like Dance with the stars, I rush !

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In the past, you were an animator. Don’t you miss it?

I really like this exercise, so why not take over the reins of a show? The Holy Grail would be Fort Boyard! It’s made me dream since I was little and I feel today that I can have the shoulders for this kind of program. But beware, Olivier Minne is unbeatable! [Elle rit.] Intervene in a program that affects the family, for example The Kindergarten House, I would like it too. But it’s up to me to push the doors to make it known.

Clémence Castel: her “priority” condition to participate in Dancing with the stars 2022