Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large families): the mother announces sad news…

Raising children is not an easy undertaking. It requires so much time and energy that you can’t see the time passing. This contributes to the sadness felt when the child has to leave the family nest to fly on his own. This is probably what happened to Cindy Van Der Auwera when her daughter had to leave.

A concept that seduces

During the summer of 2019, TF1 is launching a new reality TV concept featuring families made up of several children. To know “Large families: life in XXL”. The program seduces the channel’s viewers thanks to its intimate format.

Indeed, many people recognize themselves through the adventures and misadventures experienced by the candidates of this reality TV show. All homes are aware of the fact that it takes a minimum of organization to raise 2 or 3 children. So imagine what it’s like to raise ten!

The parents featured in ” Large families “ face many challenges on a daily basis. This is also the charm of the program. After watching the show, viewers can only put into perspective the worries they encounter in their household.

With each new season, TF1 takes care to change the cast of the show, in order to refresh its offer. This allows you to discover new families. And this, in addition to retaining the spectators. This year, it is the turn of Cindy Van Der Auwera and her family to reveal themselves to the spectators.

As for the participants, they gain notoriety and can improvise themselves as influencers to supplement their income. Product placements make money. Thus, one can imagine without getting too wet that the under-earned will not be too much when you have several children to feed.

A cast change

Once again, the 2022 edition of ” Large families “ has its share of changes in store for us. Thus, the Fanich family will not be part of the adventure. Instead, fans of the show will welcome Sébastien and Cindy Van Der Auwera.

It is clear that the newcomers do not go unnoticed. Indeed, with 11 children, difficult not to capture the attention of the public. An important event took place in this family on September 4th. That day, one of her children left home.

A new step

Even if it’s not easy, all parents have to go through it one day. On September 6, Cindy Van Der Auwera sent a message full of affection to her daughter. This greatly moved netizens.

“That’s it, she’ll manage on her own (…) It’s complicated … but hey, like for all moms”, she wrote on her Instagram account.

The more the days passed, the more he missed her. The candidate of ” Large families “ is a real mother hen. She obviously couldn’t bring herself to accept the departure of her granddaughter.

“My mother’s heart sank (…) I waved to you for the last time, a small smile on the corner of my cheek, tears in my eyes. Of course, like any mom I cried and I still cry at times, but I know you do what you want,” she said.

Cindy Van Der Auwera’s family are up to something

Even if the separation is not easy, the main thing is to let the child take charge of his future. For some time, fans of the show have been under the impression that Cindy Van Der Auwera’s family is up to something. And this, even if they have not yet revealed anything.

“We will tell you more as we go along because we are not going to tell you everything right away”, said Cindy Van Der Auwera.

However, the attendees of ” Large families “ take great pleasure in sow clues. Camille’s departure is one of them. The latter went to “400km” from its nest in order to follow a “training as a leader in a campsite”.

“A great adventure is beginning for you: a pillar for our big family project”, said his mother.

Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large families): the mother announces sad news…