Christmas toys 2022: which ones to be sure to please?

You don’t know what to buy your child who “already has everything”? We guide you to find what will make him happy this year, and which, inevitably, he misses! Because children are unparalleled when it comes to changing their focus and following trends. Here are which ones to follow to be sure to buy the right toy(s) for this Christmas 2022.

The All Saints holidays are over, it’s time to take an interest in Christmas and anticipate your purchases. Among the most important, the famous children’s Christmas gifts. And beware, this year, they have nothing to do with those of last year! Because even the toys, games and other popular activities of children obey fashions and trends, which change every year. And for good reason, there are many external currents that influence the tastes and desires of children, but above all, a little one who has become average, will no longer be interested in the same things from one year to the next. And yes ! Growing up naturally changes interests, and therefore the games that go with it. So if your son/daughter no longer has any interest in the collection that the whole family contributed to enriching last year… that’s normal! No, it’s not versatile, and no, it’s not rotten (not to that extent at least!). What is certain is that parents, and a fortiori grandpas/grannies uncles/tatas can get lost in this recreational movement, and choosing the right gift can quickly become a real headache. To help you not be mistaken, here are the major toy trends that mark this Christmas 2022. On the practical side, you also have the toy catalogs available for this Christmas 2022, as well as our selections with the links of the best toys according to many criteria. With that, it’s impossible to go wrong, or even to be confronted with a shortage of stock!

What are the Christmas toy trends this year?

What are the novelties and toy trends that will be found under the tree this year? Among the major themes are of the eco-responsible games, made from recyclable materials, but also edutainment toys. Lboard games and connected toys or interactive continue to gain followers. Another novelty, “Kidult” games both for parents and children, without forgetting the licenses like Stars Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and Pokémon or even the success of the dinosaurs following the release of the film Jurassic World this year.

1- The crazy success of the dinosaurs

At the beginning of June, the release of the film Jurassic World: The World After caused an upheaval in the games and toys sector. Unsurprisingly, figurines of all sizes, classic and with functions, robots, stuffed animals, board games, puzzles, educational and scientific games and construction games around dinosaurs are snapped up… Moreover, it is no coincidence that the 2022 collections highlight these prehistoric creatures in different forms.

2 – Eco-responsible and Made in France toys

The big trend of recent years? Eco-responsible toys. In addition to the small brands already present for which this is the credo, such as Biovivamore and more brands are committed like Mattel , Clémentoni and VTech . At King Toys, the range of wooden toys with the Wood and play” sharpened by now using exclusively FFC wood (from sustainably managed forests) and recyclable packaging. Finally, who says eco-responsible also says local manufacturing. A trend in which the brand is part Smoby.

3 – The success of educational toys

Another rather marked tendency, games to learn while having fun. And for good reason, these games have been a support allowing parents to make their little darlings work in a playful and benevolent way, without the requirement of performance or the obligation of results. Something to change the game of learning moments, still too often a source of conflict and robbery.

4- Board games are reinventing themselves

Lhe French confirm their attraction to board games. And especially family board games, because adults have regained their desire to play. Under the tree, these are the classics that we find, but reinvented to offer new gameplay.

5. Connected toys to do like the grown-ups

All Junior Electronic Games will once again be very successful at the end of the year, particularly imitation games. Camera, mixing deck, computers will thus be very popular.

6 – Harry Potter, Buzz Lightyear, Stars Wars, Pokemon… Top-selling licenses

Children’s films and cartoons also have a significant influence on the choice of Christmas gifts. Also, licensed games will like every year have their card to play. Among the most important, Harry Potter, Super Mario, Buzz Lightyear, Lego, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Avengers, Pokémon and especially Peppa Pig, whose derivatives are a resounding commercial success. There is no doubt that this year, more than ever, games and other toys inspired by TV or cinema heroes will delight the little ones (and even some adults!) since at the end of last May, already, licenses constituted 23% of overall sales of games and toys, 14% more than in 2021.

Where can I find Christmas toy catalogs?

To find out what gift to give your child this year, here is the list of toy catalogs:

Toy catalogs from specialized toy stores:

The toy catalogs of supermarkets:

What are the 2022 Toy Grand Prix?

– In the “model doll” category: them Barbie Cutie Reveal. The novelty: they are all hidden under different animal disguises and their boxes are full of many surprises.

– In the “interactive toy” category: My first globe by Clementoni, seduced by its interactive side and its blocks of six continents and fourteen animals to reconstruct.

– In the “interactive plush” category: The interactive guinea pig Surprise Mom by Moose Toys, whose heart kindles and capable of giving birth to young.

– In the “combat toy” category: Moose Toys Powerstorm Arena, with its enlightened scoring board and its possibilities of strategic and technical fights.

– In the “family games” category: board game “The escapees” of the Dujardin brand, strategic and friendly.

Christmas toys 2022: which ones to be sure to please?