Carolina Marconi at GFVip 7, the fight against cancer and love after her abusive ex

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Carolina Marconi is among the competitors of the GFVip 2022/2023. She is a showgirl of Venezuelan origins, she in the last year she has fought against breast cancer, but she has never stopped wanting a child with her partner Alessandro Tulli. Love and sharing are her strength.

(Carolina Marconi, summer 2022)

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Carolina Marconi is ready to enter the house of the Big Brother Vip. For the showgirl it is the second time in the reality show, 18 years have passed since her first participation: it was 2004, since then many things have changed. Today she is a woman full of awareness, also thanks to the battle against breast cancer that she has never stopped telling through her social profiles. The love of his partner Alessandro Tulli today is his strength, but behind him he also has a painful relationship, that with theex husband Salvatore De Lorenzis which ended up in court on charges of violence.

Who is Carolina Marconi, from her first big brother in 2004 to today

Showgirl of Venezuelan origin, Carolina Marconi today he is 44 years old. The world of TV has known her as a competitor of fourth edition of Big Brother aired in 2004, but it is well before his first appearances on the small screen date back. In fact, in 1997 she made her debut as a valet in the program Blessed among womenparticipate at I brains, Class party, Goleada And I’m paying tonightin 2001. She plays with Alessia Metz in Intrigue in Cuba, the film released in Italy only after its participation in the GF. It is in the Cinecittà house that he finds love with Tommy Vee, dj who won gold in 2005 for his house music compilation. The calendar without veils di Carolina, in those years, consecrates her as a model and launches her towards the first experiences in TV conduction. As an actress she a few years later she starred in the soap Rai A place in the summer sun and in the Canale 5 miniseries Kissed by the sun. She returns to the cinema in 2015, with a role in the film Wedding in the South.

Carolina Marconi: “I won the fight against breast cancer”

“On March 24th I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt finished as a woman. I lacked air “, so at the end of May 2021 Carolina Marconi chooses to share the news of cancer with her audience. She does it through social media, a tool that will give her great strength during her battle. During those months Carolina was operated on, she came to her one breast removed to avoid the risk of the tumor spreading. After a histological examination the doctors’ advice is to undergo the chemo therapy for at least six months. The showgirl faces the path with great fortitude, choosing to show herself on social media during therapy and to go on TV, guest of Silvia Toffaninafter hair loss: “Today I feel so good, what matters is what I have inside”.

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(Carolina Marconi during chemotherapy)

(Carolina Marconi during chemotherapy)

Carolina Marconi and the love for her boyfriend Alessandro Tulli

The discovery of the disease occurs due to the desire to start a family with a partner Alessandro Tulli, former footballer of Rome today 40 years old. “We got help from assisted fertilization, I did some tests. I hadn’t had a mammogram for several years. A lump came out “, explains to Verissimo to Silvia Toffanin. The result of the exams is like lightning that pierces her: “My blood froze and I ran away like a fury, slamming the door.” He would have replied to the doctors: “I don’t have time to have a tumor. I have to have a child“. Fortunately, Alessandro has never stopped being at his side become a mother despite the disease it remains his greatest dream. She the actress told of having tried the path of adopting her, which she has so far been denied to her as a cancer patient. “When you have a tumor, the balance in couples is ruined, if there is no esteem and a great love, one moves away and often the sick are abandoned. He is a gift from god“, he said of his partner.

(Carolina Marconi and her boyfriend Alessandro Tulli)

(Carolina Marconi and her boyfriend Alessandro Tulli)

The end of the marriage with Salvatore De Lorenzis after the mistreatment and violence

In the past, however, his love life has not always been peaceful. Carolina Marconi has in fact behind her the marriage ended with Salvatore De Lorenzis, a well-known entrepreneur in the slot machine industry, known for having had a series of unconfirmed flirts with a series of women in the entertainment world. With a sentence amended in 2015, the man was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison on charges of family mistreatment, private violence and embezzlement. According to Carolina Marconi’s lawyers, the man he threatened her with death with a knife.

Carolina Marconi at GFVip 7, the fight against cancer and love after her abusive ex-husband