Carlos Alcaraz makes fun of Pablo Motos’ height in ‘El Hormiguero’: ‘But did you see me?’

the anthill started the week with one of the great protagonists of the moment in the world of sports. Carlos Alcaraz visited Pablo Motos’ set just a week after becoming the number 1 player in the ATP ranking after winning the US Open, his first tournament Grand Slam.

If getting to that place is complicated, his feat is even more important after he has become the youngest to lead the world tennis ranking. But his achievements do not end there, since he has become the second youngest to win the US Open, one of the great tournaments along with Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Australia.

Carlos Alcaraz returns to ‘El Hormiguero’ as number 1 in the tennis world


The Murcian repeats his visit in a few months, since last April he made his debut as a guest of Trancas y Barrancas after achieving a great victory in the Conde de Godó Trophy. On that occasion he spoke with the Valencian presenter about how different his life had been as a teenager compared to his friends.

The night began with the guest teasing the Valencian presenter. Pablo reminded him that the last time he saw him “was playing” at the Mutua Madrid Open, but the tennis player replied: But did you see me? That response came due to viral images of Motos trying to watch the game with difficulty because of some geraniums.

Carlos Alcaraz, in ‘El Hormiguero’

No time to enjoy

In spite of everything, he recognized that he still hadn’t had time to think about what he had achieved and assimilate it. His busy schedule made him win the US Open but not be able to savor his world number 1 because he immediately had to focus on playing the Davis Cup matches.

Despite the fact that he had to enter a large amount of money, although he only wanted to admit that he has earned “a little”, the Murcian is still with his feet on the ground at 19 years of age. The last time he came on the show he admitted that he kept asking his family for permission to make major purchases.

A few months later, and being the best tennis player of the moment, he has already managed to have his car, something he was “negotiating” with his father months ago. Luckily, he now has an agreement with a car brand that has given him one, but he continues to consult with his family. You have to ask the father, he recognized Motos when he was asked again.

The juiciest responses from Carlos Alcaraz were obtained by Trancas y Barrancas

The juiciest responses from Carlos Alcaraz were obtained by Trancas y Barrancas


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As usual, the juiciest questions were asked by the ants, who came out from under the table to perform their famous super-committed Supertest. In them fans of the tennis player they were able to discover that he is also a fan of paddle tennis, although he confessed that Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach, usually beats him.

As a good Murcian, he came out in defense of one of the most common traditions such as “putting lemon on everything”. Alcaraz assured that he uses it in all kinds of dishes, from paella, soup or fried potatoes, something very common in his land and that can horrify many outside of Murcia.

Another of the secrets that Trancas and Barrancas brought to light was whether he had managed to flirt more on social networks since he was number 1 in the world. “Yes, the truth is,” she said to everyone’s laughter, but they didn’t want to inquire further about this matter that had raised so much interest.

More committed was when he was asked what he would do if Roger Federer, who has just announced his forthcoming retirement, offered to train him: There, Carlos Alcaraz stood up for his coach: “For me, Juan Carlos is my second father and I don’t I wouldn’t trade him for Federer or for anything in the world. He’s a very important person in my life.”

Carlos Alcaraz makes fun of Pablo Motos’ height in ‘El Hormiguero’: ‘But did you see me?’